In less than 24 hours, almost 200 students signed a petition demanding University Plaza (UP) at Metroplex follow through on last semester’s promise to provide a shuttle bus from the complex to Downtown.

Justin Zaretzky, a junior double-majoring in philosophy, politics and law and political science, started the petition. Many residents then shared it with friends through social media. Newman Development Group, the previous owners of UP, announced the shuttle bus in the spring, but after the complex changed hands to American Campus Communities, Inc., the bus was no longer an amenity.

Zaretzky said that a lot of the upset stemmed from the lack of communication between UP at Metroplex and its residents. Students were never made aware of the initial change in management, nor were they updated on shuttle bus plans.

“People are also upset, not that the bus isn’t here, but that UP didn’t tell us that there wasn’t going to be a bus,” he said. “The management just thought students would forget and wouldn’t put up a fight.”

The issue has expanded outside of those who live in UP at Metroplex. According to Zaretzky, many students who have signed the petition live elsewhere, but are showing their support.

According to Max Bartell, a senior double-majoring in philosophy, politics and law and political science, the lack of follow-through is reflective of UP at Metroplex’s management behavior overall.

“It’s impacted students like me, who were intrigued by the convenience that the bus could potentially bring, but were duped into believing that UP actually cared, or cares about the students,” Bartell said.

The bus advertisements from last spring remained on the UP at Metroplex Facebook page until Monday morning, when they were removed. For many residents, the transportation options remained unclear well into the start of this semester.

“For the first two to three weeks of school, there were still advertisements all over UP telling us about the new ‘State Street Express,’” said Ben Kleinstein, a senior majoring in biology. “Even currently, one of the [Broome County] transit buses — the one that was supposed to be ours — is still decorated with UP advertisements.”

David Oestreicher, a senior double-majoring in history and psychology, said issues that stemmed from a lack of transportation opportunities took away from his off-campus living experience.

“American Campus Communities should understand that the State Street Express bus was a heavily publicized and advertised feature that was to come in August 2015,” Oestreicher said. “From rude and obnoxious cab drivers to over-crowded [Off Campus College Transport] buses, the State Street Express would have helped me get Downtown much easier, and have a more pleasant weekend.”

Although he hopes that a bus is introduced, Bartell said the petition should make UP management improve its relationship with residents.

“I hope the petition achieves its goal in getting a bus,” Bartell said. “And if it doesn’t, I hope it lays the foundation for students to hold UP accountable for their pathetic lack of cooperation and communication on many matters, not just the bus.”

American Campus Community representatives were unresponsive to Pipe Dream, and UP at Metroplex declined to comment.