BU’s Student Congress convened for the first time in November to discuss a week’s worth of activity.

Members of the Student Association (SA) E-Board reviewed the Trey Songz concert, funding campus organizations and plans for SA policy change.

Alex Liu, SA president and a senior majoring in philosophy, politics and law, said that the class councils to represent each year of the student body were being prepared and that the documents to incorporate the SA were almost finalized.

He also said that OCCT is updating its bylaws and that the SA is planning several lectures in collaboration with the Graduate Student Organization, the body that represents graduate students.

SA Executive Vice President Chris Zamlout, a senior majoring in philosophy, politics and law, discussed the procedure for chartering new clubs and said that he expected seven to 10 clubs to be granted rooms for GIMs in the near future. He also said that he is meeting with residential community governments to collaborate more with the dorms and Residential Life.

Tom Sheehan, the vice president for finance and a senior double-majoring in political science and economics, said that his office is planning changes to the treasurer’s handbook and addressed issues with the new treasurer’s exam online. He said that most people who had problems with the test were simply unfamiliar with the digital format, but that the exam itself worked well.

“Most of the time when people have come to me and we’ve worked it through, it’s just a different system that over time people will get used to,” Sheehan said. “It’s just a different way to take a test. I haven’t seen any issues with taking the test, other than it not being as straightforward as a pen and paper test.”

SA Vice President for Academic Affairs Don Greenberg, a senior triple-majoring in computer science, finance and mathematics said that the student code of conduct is being updated and that his office is considering pressing for University policy changes, academic and otherwise. He did not specify what these changes would be, but urged students who had ideas to contact and meet with him directly before doing anything else.

“We do not simply go and propose this,” Greenberg said. “There is a very delicate way that we go about policy changes that needs to be maintained throughout the process.”

Other members of Congress discussed financial allocations for SA clubs, fall semester event programming for December and reminded campus E-Board members of proper procedure for making different purchases.