The Student Congress held its biweekly meeting Monday night to announce the final ballot for the March 6 E-Board elections, as well as discuss updates and new proposals.

“When you go back to your communities, stress how important everyone’s vote is so we get a good voter’s turnout,” said Julie Kline, chair of the planning, research and elections committee and a sophomore double-majoring in human development and English.

Student Association (SA) members discussed the expansion plans for OCC Transport. SA President Alexander Liu, a senior majoring in philosophy, politics and law, said the change will prompt a need for more drivers next year. The SA also announced the creation of four new clubs: Hilarity for Charity is a movement started by Seth Rogen to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease through humor; Semper Fi is a group for students interested in joining the Marines; Dzidefo Africa Choir is a cultural musical group; and the Society of Automotive Engineers is for students who want to build cars.

Steven Lazickas, a sophomore double-majoring in history and political science, spoke for the Student Life and Academics Committee and addressed 20 instances on the first floor of the Fine Arts Building that do not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. He said the committee plans to work with Services for Students with Disabilities and the University to better document instances where the campus can better accommodate all students.

Lazickas also proposed the Clean Water Initiative, which aims to replace filters in water fountains with red indicators. The proposal was not opposed by any Congress members and will be put up for vote at the next meeting.

“If [the University] bought these water fountains with filters, replace them, because students don’t feel that great about drinking something that says the water is dirty,” Lazickas said.

The committee has been working closely with Physical Facilities to replace the filters, and said that they have been very responsive to the situation.