Academic Resources — Asking for help never hurts. Aside from reaching out to professors and attending office hours, students have access to multiple on-campus resources to help them succeed.

Speaking Center

The Speaking Center, located on the upper level of the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4), can help you polish up and practice your presentations. The Speaking Center provides personalized sessions where you can present for student staff members who provide feedback to improve your speaking skills.

University Tutorial Services

The University offers tutoring services to students for all courses. Seek them out if you need help in a class or want to boost your grade.

Services for Students with Disabilities

If academic accommodations are needed to help you succeed as a student, the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) can help. Located in room 119 of the Binghamton University University Union, SSD allows students to register with them to gain access to meetings with staff and obtain accommodation letters.

Career Resources — A large part of college is preparing yourself for your future career. Connecting with BU’s career resources can be a useful way to start off your college journey and find a support network

Pre-professional Advising

Check out BU’s pre-professional advising offices. BU offers students separate pre-professional advising offices for nursing, pharmacy, medical, law, social work and more. Connect with alumni and schools, start building your application and ask all of your questions to our advisors.

Student-run professional organizations

BU also has student-run professional organizations, like the Thurgood Marshall Pre-Law Society, Charles Drew Minority Pre-Health Society or BU’s Finance Society. Get involved, participate in events and trips and find support in your journey to professional school or your desired career.


Handshake lets you see the job and internship opportunities available to students. It can also help with finding an on-campus job or federal work-study. Make an account, upload your resume and start applying as soon as you want.

Mental Health and Spiritual Resources — For many incoming freshmen, this will be their first time away from home. BU offers mental health resources so students can maintain their mental wellness and spiritual resources to keep in touch with their faith.


SEEK is BU’s non-emergency helpline. Accessible at 607-777-HELP (4357), it is entirely student-run and open to all callers from 8-11 p.m., provided that classes are in session.


Gain self-care skills and learn about on- and off-campus resources for your mental health through M-HOPE, a group of peer educators who host several workshops. M-HOPE can be reached at

Binghamton University Interfaith Council

The Binghamton University Interfaith Council hosts many events for its religious students and can connect students with religious organizations on-campus. Check them out on BU’s website.

University Counseling Center

The University Counseling Center (UCC) offers a variety of counseling services to students, some of which include individual counseling, group counseling and same-day urgent counseling. The center is located in room 264 of Old O’Connor Hall and can be reached at (607)-777-2772. More information on scheduling appointments can be found here.

Additional Student Resources — BU offers many resources on campus to help students thrive in their new life at the University. Know how to get in touch with your artsy side, when buses are available and where you can get a good sweat in.

Art Museum

BU’s art museum, located in the Fine Arts Building, features themed collections throughout the year for students to visit. Keep an eye on the B-Line News email blasts to know when new collections are available for viewing.

East Gym

Get into healthy habits with East Gym, BU’s on-campus gym available to all — including those who are not student athletes. The East Gym’s main component is the FitSpace, which offers strength and cardio training equipment to students with membership access. The East Gym also offers all students access to a lap pool, massages, indoor basketball courts and more.

Off Campus College Transport

Off Campus College Transport (OCCT) provides all ID card-carrying students with free bus rides. The buses can be recognized by their blue exterior. Make sure you know the bus schedules so you can best navigate the city of Binghamton at a low cost.

Information Technology Services

Need tech support, a temporary computer or help with your free Microsoft subscription? Visit Information Technology Services (ITS), located in the Technology Hub, or email ITS at, for assistance with all of your tech-based needs.

Visions Federal Credit Union

Visions Federal Credit Union can help you open a bank account or credit card and give you financial advice with regard to budgeting and investing your money. You can set up an appointment with Visions Federal Credit Union online on B-Engaged or visit them in person at the University Union, near the second floor of the campus bookstore.

Late Nite Binghamton

Late Nite, which offers programming to students in the University Union, offers movies every Friday night and themed events on Saturdays. Movies shown this past year include Dune and Sing 2, while the events included campus organization-sponsored events such as Casino Night and Mardi Gras. All Late Nite events and movies are free to students with their student ID.

Clubs and Organizations

Get involved in one of our many student-run organizations, from cultural organizations to Binghamton’s Cheese Club. You can also check out our registered fraternities and sororities. You can explore and register for clubs through BU’s B-Engaged website.