Under the veil of fluffy, syrup-covered pancakes, Binghamton University’s PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholars were busy fundraising in the Mandela Room this past Wednesday for their latest project, developing and enhancing the Walnut Street Park located on the West Side of Binghamton.

Bryanne Klucka, co-chair of fundraising for the senior class, came up with the idea of using pancakes to attract students during a brainstorming session at the beginning of the semester.

“I thought everyone on campus likes to eat, so it would be an interactive fundraiser for students to come to the event,” said Klucka, a senior majoring in finance. “We have a little music playing, and it is for a good cause, building a park for underprivileged children. This is more of a social, simple fundraiser.”

Each year the PwC Scholars adopt a project, and this year the goal is to fund the construction of a toddler play area and community garden to enhance the Walnut Street Park.

Theo Baktidy, president of the PwC Scholars, said that the fundraising efforts have been going well so far.

“I think fundraising has been going pretty good,” said Baktidy, a senior majoring in accounting. “We have a couple of big events coming up, so we are looking to be successful there as well. It just takes a while to get momentum, and we are starting to finally get momentum for the year.”

Jacob Seidner, a sophomore majoring in industrial and systems engineering, enjoyed the chance to both eat pancakes and contribute to the project.

“These pancakes are fluffy and delicious,” said Seidner. “And although I am not entirely sure what they are doing, if it is related to giving a playground to the underprivileged, I am guessing it would be fun for the children.”

Jae Hak You, a junior majoring in finance and management information systems, thought the event was a fun break from work.

“Coming to the event was just an opportunity to take a little break from studying, see some friends and support a good cause,” You said. “And the pancakes are pretty good, surprisingly.”

Kevin Eng, a member of the Scholars program, thought that the event was fun to host and a great way to help children in the community.

“In the kitchen we were all flipping pancakes, and that was really enjoyable.” said Eng, a senior majoring in accounting. “And the money is going towards building a community park, which is important since prior to this project the children would play in industrial parking lots, so by providing this park the kids will now have a safe place to play and it also encourages physical activity in the community.”

The total needed to build the park is $18,000, and the Scholars program has raised $4,000 up to this point. The next event scheduled to support the building of the park is a water pong tournament at 3 p.m. this coming Saturday in Old Union Hall.