The following accounts were provided by Investigator Mark Silverio of Binghamton’s New York State University Police.

Hold the presses!

FRIDAY, March 13, 11:00 a.m. — Officers responded to the Pipe Dream office, University Union West room B03 in the University Union, after receiving a call about a suspicious incident. Upon arrival, UPD spoke to a 21-year-old female Pipe Dream employee, who said large number of newspapers on the racks outside the office were taken. She said none of the articles were controversial and was unsure of why the papers may have been removed, but noted that an individual or a group may have just wanted it for a project. Officers went back to the station to review camera footage from the area and noticed a middle-aged woman walking with a stack of papers toward the Glenn G. Bartle Library. The cameras could not follow the suspect after she left the building, but officers are attempting to identify her. The Pipe Dream employee said she did not want to press charges, but wants officers to ask the suspect to stop taking the papers and inform them of the potential consequences if they do not. The case remains under investigation.

Crafty stoners

FRIDAY, March 13, 4:45 p.m. — Officers responded to Endicott Hall of Newing College for a marijuana complaint. The officers met with the reporting party, a 24-year-old female Residential Life staff member. They also spoke with the suspects — two 18-year-old male residents — who acknowledged they were smoking marijuana in the room and turned over some contraband, including a bong, Smoke Buddy air purifier, a pill bottle with some marijuana residue and a homemade grinder. They said they had nothing else, but officers asked to search the room and confiscated more, including a vape pen with marijuana in it, three THC pens, a Red Bull can that was turned into a smoking bowl, three additional cartridges of THC, the remnants of a blunt and some alcohol that was dumped on the scene. The students both claimed possession of various items and were issued appearance tickets to Vestal Town Court.

They just don’t listen

FRIDAY, March 13, 11:53 p.m. — Officers were traveling on West Drive when they observed a car abruptly cut across two lanes of traffic toward the Events Center, failing to use a turn signal. They initiated a traffic stop. The suspect, a 20-year-old male, said he was visiting a friend and was unfamiliar with Binghamton University’s campus so he was trying to put directions in. Officers noticed his license was suspended as he did not have insurance, and told him to leave his vehicle in its current parking spot until he was able to sort out his license suspension problems. On the following day, at 1:30 a.m. on March 14, the same officer was traveling down West Drive and noticed a vehicle parked next to the suspect’s vehicle, which was left overnight. He observed the suspect get out of the new vehicle and back into his own. The officer stopped the suspect before he drove off campus and issued him several tickets. The plates on the vehicle were confiscated and the vehicle was towed.

Sweet tooth

SUNDAY, March 15, 11:00 p.m. — Officers responded to Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4) for a shoplifting complaint. Officers spoke with the reporting party, a 52-year-old male, who said he observed a young woman putting several candy packages in her bag. The items stolen totaled $23. When officers made contact with the suspect, a 19-year-old female, she said she did not know why she took the items without paying and said she did not have an explanation. The male said he did not want to press charges if she went back and paid for the items. She did, and was released with a warning.