Take out a red marker and circle these key dates on your calendar to prepare yourself for the most successful and fulfilling semester yet.

New Student Move-in and Welcome Program (Aug. 16 to Aug. 19)

A perfect fusion of excitement and anticipation marks the beginning of move-in for new and returning students, held several days before the start of fall classes. Incoming students can take this opportunity to explore campus with friends by trying out the different dining halls and walking through their class schedules to allow for the most relaxed start to their academic year. B-Welcome week — a series of events held during move-in and the first week of classes — helps students further engage with the campus community through open houses, campus recreation events and residential community activities. Community assistants hold social gatherings within each residential building to provide new and returning students the opportunity to connect with their neighbors and form new friendships.

First Day of Classes (Aug. 20)

The first day of classes is generally used for introductions and to provide an overview of the basics of each course. Get to know your professor, teaching assistants and classmates before the semester kicks into high gear. Read the course syllabus closely and be sure to clarify any lingering questions about course expectations, attendance policies and required reading before the add/drop deadline.

Add/Drop Deadline (Sept. 3)

You can add new classes to your schedule or drop courses through the registration portal on BU Brain without penalty until 11:59 p.m. on Sept. 3. Assess class requirements and time commitment before committing to it for the semester. After this deadline, late course additions or withdrawal petitions can still be requested, but withdrawals may appear as a “W” on your academic transcript. Consider meeting with an academic advisor to discuss any major schedule changes to ensure you are making informed decisions.

UFest (TBD)

UFest provides new and returning students with an opportunity to consider the variety of student organizations, recreational sports and athletics programs and resources Binghamton University has to offer. Held every fall semester, the event features food, games, giveaways, local vendors and inflatables. The festival will feature tables spanning the Peace Quad and Spine. If you are looking for peers with shared interests or wish to try out a new hobby, check out the over 250 student organizations tabling at the event and see what piques your interest.

Fall Concert (TBD)

Concerts are held every fall and spring semester by the Student Association Programming Board, the events planning branch of the SA. Artists are chosen from a student interest survey — with Swae Lee performing last fall and Neon Trees performing in the spring. The concerts are held on campus, and tickets are discounted for current students.

Restaurant Week (TBD)

This biannual event was first organized in 2010 to promote small businesses in Downtown Binghamton. Participating eateries present three-course lunch and dinner deals, with menus posted on the EatBing website. Restaurant Week allows students and local community members to enjoy a diverse array of foods at a discounted rate. Lost Dog Cafe & Lounge, Little Venice Restaurant and Garage Taco Bar were among last year’s participants.

Homecoming (Sept. 27 to Sept. 29)

Hosted by the Alumni Association, Homecoming weekend sees many alumni return to campus, giving them a space to “relive [their] memories and make new ones.” Last year’s activities included the Fall Festival, TIER Talks and the Downtown Block Party. Current students also have the opportunity to network with alumni working in their field of interest. This year’s Homecoming will acknowledge the advancements made through the EXCELERATE campaign, intended to foster “excellence, leadership and innovation.”

Finals Week (Dec. 9 to Dec. 13)

To prepare for finals week, check the final exam schedule posted on BU Brain. Review class material and consider attending office hours or review sessions, as they can help you get a clearer idea of what will be on the ultimate exam. Glenn G. Bartle Library will be open 24/7 during finals week, but make sure to take advantage of the de-stress events held around campus to clear your head and avoid burnout.