Unlike the pirates of his upcoming game, one Binghamton University alumnus plans to plunder his booty through crowdfunding instead of pillaging.

Josh Perry, who graduated from BU with a degree in student affairs administration in 2013, submitted the concept for his card game, “Bounty!,” to Indiegogo — a crowdfunding site — in March. The project has been accepted, but has not yet been fully funded.

“Bounty!” pits four competing admirals against one another in a race to raise the most gold for their respective nations. Players can attack one another and steal their enemy’s gold, but they can also lose gold to pirates.

While “Bounty!” is the first game Perry plans to produce, he is no stranger to the creation process.

“The first game I designed is a board game and the scoring system and balance of the game still needs some work and lots of testing,” Perry wrote in an email. “I decided to take a little break to divert my attention a little by developing a simple card game that I could create, test and produce quickly.”

Perry said he is an avid fan of various board games, including “Pandemic,” “Ticket to Ride” and “The Resistance.” He was particularly inspired by James Ernest, the founder of Cheapass Games, who got his start self-producing simple card games.

At press time, “Bounty!” has raised $315 of its $1,000 goal. Perry said his goal is ambitious, but flexible funding options allow him to produce the game regardless of demand.

“I’m confident that the people who do support the project will have a fine quality game at an excellent price point,” Perry wrote. “And I’ll have learned a lot about the process along the way.”

However, Perry also has plans to reward backers if the project meets its goal.

“I’ll be looking to create some small expansions to the game as stretch goals and these would be printed up and sent to all backers as a reward so every[one] wins,” Perry wrote.

The project includes rewards for donations at varying price points, including $15 for the game itself and $50 to name a ship after the donor.

Ashley Moy, a student at SUNY Oneonta, worked on the art for the game’s 108-card deck, including the borders, ships, maps and coins.

According to Moy, Perry provided the original concepts for what each card would be, and the two worked back and forth until both were satisfied with the art.

Moy said she looked forward to the final build of the game.

“I really enjoy it, I like the naval history behind game, and I feel that it’s quite a promising project,” Moy wrote in an email.

According to Perry, the project is all about simplicity in terms of the crowdfunding project and the game itself.

“For some reason it is really important to me that my backers understand this: I’m not in it for the money, I’m in it for the love of creation, and of gaming,” Perry wrote.

Perry said he hopes to showcase the game locally, providing extra copies to sell at Fat Cat Comics and holding demos at Jupiter Games. In the long run, Perry said he hopes to publish larger projects, but plans on making more games regardless.

“I’m a designer at heart and I’ll likely make others even if they just sit on the shelf in my collection ready to be played by my friends and family,” Perry wrote. “Some day down the line I’d like to attempt to professionally publish a game and I guess these little things I’m working on now are just training for the big leagues.”

The Indiegogo project for “Bounty!” ends on April 30.