Spanning 930 acres, Binghamton University’s main campus has a lot to offer. Try out this scavenger hunt to locate important places on campus in preparation for your first day of classes.

University Union 

The first stop is the University Union, located in the center of campus. The Union is the focal point for student activities and is a gathering space for many campus organizations. The building houses the Marketplace, a large dining area offering a wide array of food options at retail prices, as well as the University Bookstore, where you can purchase textbooks, snacks, toiletries and Bearcat-themed clothing for Green Day Fridays.

The Union Undergrounds boasts a bowling alley and a lounge where many students study with friends, as well as programming organized by Late Nite — movie screenings on Friday nights and themed events on Saturdays. The building also houses Visions Federal Credit Union and the mailroom, where students living on campus can pick up packages and check their mailboxes. Try to find Mein Bowl, a student favorite in the Marketplace, to mark the completion of this stop on your hunt.

Fleishman Career Center 

The second stop on your journey is the Fleishman Career Center, which can be found outside the Marketplace on the first floor of the Union. The center provides students with career and professional guidance, focusing on “teaching the skills and resources to help students develop career confidence and the ability to navigate the world of work post-graduation.” Students can schedule appointments for one-on-one career counseling, prepare for interviews and learn how to find internships or access a variety of online resources, programming and workshops. Try to find the the interview suite across the hall and make sure to utilize this resource when hunting for internships or exploring future career paths.


Next, head to the two University libraries on campus, the Glenn G. Bartle Library and the Science Library. The third is located in the University Downtown Center. All three libraries provide access to databases, books, articles, printers and other educational resources to students, with librarians on-site to provide assistance with locating the appropriate tools. Bartle Library is the largest library on campus and the complex includes the Library Tower Cafe, the Innovation Lab and private study rooms available for reservation.

All three libraries are open throughout the semester at varying hours and provide students with individual and group study spaces. To conclude this stop on the hunt, try to find the history of games and gaming culture exhibit on the second floor of Bartle Library.

Decker Student Health Services Center

Located behind Dickinson Community, the Decker Student Health Services Center serves all registered students. Patients can access resources like health education, contraceptives, immunizations, psychiatric consultation and care for illnesses and injuries. With a mission of “[promoting] and [supporting] student wellness through education, prevention and treatment,” the center offers telehealth and in-person appointments through the patient portal on its website. The center is open weekdays during the semester from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Find the free safe sex and menstrual products provided by the Healthy Campus Initiative in the lobby.

East Gym 

Your fifth destination on this scavenger hunt is the East Gym, a campus recreation facility that offers a weight room, basketball courts and group fitness classes. You can sign up for a membership online or purchase a day pass at the door, giving you access to the facility, including the FitSpace, which offers cardio and strength training stations, free weights and a training zone with ropes, a punching bag and TRX suspension straps. A swimming pool is also housed at the East Gym for recreational use, and it does not require a membership to access. This facility is open throughout the semester, and the main office can be reached at (607) 777-2113. Try to locate the spin room that features LED lights and speakers for an extra fun and physically rewarding workout session.

Food Pantry 

The on-campus Food Pantry, located in the Iroquois Commons in College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall, is your sixth scavenger hunt target. As part of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier and the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse networks, this resource provides both food and personal care items to students facing financial difficulties and food insecurity. The Food Pantry is open throughout the semester and can be reached at

New York State University Police at Binghamton 

As you continue your trek throughout campus, head to the University Police Department Office. The department participates in campus and student events and offers educational programs on safety and crime prevention. They also operate the campus lost and found and have resources for students to report incidents of interpersonal violence. The office is located in the basement of the Couper Administration Building.

Nature Preserve 

The final stop on your hunt is the Nature Preserve. Located behind Mountainview College, the Nature Preserve is 190 acres of protected land, which includes wetlands and around 11 miles of hiking trails. A large variety of animal and plant species call the preserve home, including deer, foxes, numerous reptiles and amphibians, and over 200 bird species. The preserve provides direct access to natural systems for research and educational purposes, and is also a relaxing space to go on a walk with friends or to destress from classwork. Try to find the wooden footbridge that spans the six-acre pond for one of the best views on campus.