The Triple Cities area has long been known as a hub of innovation. Now, the construction of a research and development facility in Johnson City aims to continue this legacy by bringing scientists and researchers to the area.

At a press conference on April 19, Gloria Meredith, dean of Binghamton University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, said the facility will be funded by New York state and will be used to support faculty experimentation.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to build more infrastructure so we can attract industry to the area and we can increase our research efforts,” Meredith said. “We have been able to attract some top-notch scientists in this area and they have connections to industry.”

Meredith also said the space may be utilized by biotechnical companies working with faculty and students and seeking to outsource laboratory work. This collaboration could bring new businesses and opportunities to Johnson City.

“There will be a fair amount of drug development and drug-discovery work,” she said. “The individuals that I have hired work very closely with the industry. We would envision being able to attract some biotechs and maybe even spin off some startups ourselves, who will be able to use this new R and D facility. This opportunity doesn’t happen very often, and for this region, it really is important for driving that economic engine.”

The new facility will be the third building in the health sciences complex currently under construction in Johnson City and will be located at 48 Corliss Ave. In addition to the research and development building, the health sciences complex will also house the pharmacy school and the Decker School of Nursing.

The pharmacy school building is expected to be completed by fall 2018. The Decker School of Nursing building will be located across the street from the new pharmacy school facility and will be fully constructed by April 2019.