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Supporting black businesses

One common self-critique among black people is that we don’t support each other enough, but part of the reason is a lack of knowledge. Here are five black-owned businesses you can support...


The dos and don'ts of Black History Month

Every year, February is used to honor historical leaders of black culture and celebrate the various heritages within black identity. From wearing traditional clothes to donning certain hairstyles, there are many things...


Post Malone Doesn't Respect Hip-hop

Hip-hop as an art form is one of black expression and experience, but this hasn’t stopped nonblack artists from participating. Artist such as the Beastie Boys, House of Pain and Eminem have...


How Will Hip-hop Help?

There is no question that race relations in America have improved since the times of slavery and the Jim Crow era; however, our country is far from a place of complete comradery....