Sydney Lee

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Figuring out how to properly use different types of responses is crucial to conversation

Conversation and communication are the foundation of any kind of relationship — platonic or romantic. Sometimes we think conversations are going well when they aren’t, making it difficult to assess and change...


Season four of 'You' delves into character development

The showrunners of season four of “You” turned the show around when the second half of part two was released. This release put the show in a new perspective, and added more...


Wall Street Journal article insensitive to Asian hate

There was massive backlash against the Wall Street Journal’s article, “Are There ‘Too Many Asians’?” The article, which talked about previous Western attitudes toward population control in China and China’s current population...


You season 4 turns the obsessor into the obsessed

Viewers have been anticipating the full release of the fourth season of “You” since Netflix left the series on a cliffhanger in 2021. However, fans were disappointed in more than one way...