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Students face difficulties navigating online finals weeks

As a result of COVID-19, Binghamton University had two finals weeks planned this semester: in-person final exams were to be distributed during Nov. 23 to Nov. 25 while remote final exams were...

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Winter session tuition increases for out-of-state students

Binghamton University students are signing up for winter courses, and some students may be in for a surprise when the bill arrives at the end of the winter session. According to Ariel...

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International students face difficulties in waiving University health insurance

Some Binghamton University international students studying from their home countries this semester have to pay for the University health plan, even if they already have a plan at home. According to the...


International students face transition to fully online semester

Last semester, international students studying at Binghamton University had to choose between staying at BU to focus on their studies or returning to their home countries while they were still able to....

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BU students await fall semester decision as other SUNY schools unveil potential courses of action

While some other SUNY schools are informing their students of possible changes to the fall semester, Binghamton University has not yet released a plan or updated students about what options administrators are...

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'What do I do in a country that I can’t leave?': Travel and residency worries raised by BU international students

Chunxiao Yang, an international student from Beijing, China and a sophomore double–majoring in sociology and Asian and Asian American studies, had a ticket booked to go home on March 13 amid concerns...

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BU students face difficulties adjusting to online classes

As the first full week of online classes at Binghamton University ended, many students said they are facing difficulties adjusting to the new style of learning, with some struggling to remain motivated....

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Campus celebrates National Engineers Week

Students, faculty and alumni, along with professional engineers from Broome County and neighboring counties, gathered at the Holiday Inn in Downtown Binghamton on Tuesday for the annual Engineers Week Dinner, which was...