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Feminist Collective hosting Take Back the Night

The Feminist Collective is hosting Take Back the Night, an annual event designed for community gathering and standing in solidarity with survivors. Events were planned from April 15 to April 25. Take...

On-Campus Events

Bingcollects local ecosystem exhibition

The Binghamton University Special Collections, Art Museum and Nature Preserve collaborated on a pop-up exhibition focusing on planet Earth this past Wednesday, March 20 in the College-in-the-Woods Dining Hall. The “#BingCollects: Planet...

On-Campus Events

Chabad and AEphi host Purim carnival

This past Thursday, Chabad and Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEphi) held their annual Purim Carnival at the Chabad of Binghamton at 7:30 p.m. Purim is a cheerful Jewish holiday that celebrates the survival...