Mike Marinaccio

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Think first, secondhand smoke

The right to smoke isn't a necessarily a libertarian principle. ...


The conflict of moral character and meritocracy

Human nature is selfish; how do we justify no minimum wage? ...


The continued conundrum of consciousness

The philosophical paradox of pondering perpetuity. ...


Blindly racing to the finish line

To motivate students, professors should look to new techniques of teaching. ...


The horror of horror movies

The horror genre is in need of repair; it has become a tired and overwrought affair of late. ...


Defining humanity in the face of disability

Western values hold as inviolable the principle that human life, in any form, is sacrosanct. But it isn't always. ...


Something is rotten in university culture

Depression in college has deeper roots than we realize. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls. ...


Time for exploration, inside and out

College can be a place where you learn the crucial tools for living life. It can also be four years of absolutely no value. It's your decision. ...


No matter what we've gained from social networking, we're losing our humanity

Facebook is decreasing the value of social and personal experience. Instead, they're only valuable because they can be shared and judged by others. ...