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Senior Column: Be happy with nothing and you will be happy with everything.

I was always told to “strive for perfection,” but what really is perfection? Do I have to be flawless? Do I have to be selfless? Do I have to look great, be...

Campus News

Students protest sexual assault on Spine

Students gathered to decorate the Spine with chalk on April 26 to kick off the Women’s Student Union’s (WSU) Week of Action for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The WSU hosted the “Line...

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Student organizations recount a year of virtual activities

With COVID-19 forcing clubs and organizations to move from in-person to online formats one year ago, many still face several challenges with the new rules and regulations. The Student Association (SA) is...

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New social distancing bots damaged in University Union vandalization

While Binghamton University continued to expand COVID-19 precautions on campus through the implementation of social distancing bots, the University Union was vandalized during surveillance testing hours on Tuesday. On Feb. 23, a...

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Professors adjust to new instruction styles during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has forced professors and students to spend the semester learning how to adjust to the hybrid and online instructional model adopted by Binghamton University. New York State Gov. Andrew...

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Dining Halls see menu changes, lack of COVID-19 regulation enforcement

Upon receiving feedback from students, Sodexo has implemented service changes allowing for more diversity in its menu cycle. However, some students are criticizing the lack of enforcement for coronavirus regulations in dining...

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"What I was raised up to believe is far from the truth:" Former inmate shares story on his 30 years on death row

Anthony Ray Hinton, a Black man who spent 30 years on death row for a crime he did not commit, served as the guest speaker for Binghamton University’s new common experience program...

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University professors utilize recorded, live lectures for remote learning

With Binghamton University classes abruptly transitioning to an online format, many professors have encountered difficulties posed by varying class sizes and course structures, while some are seeing direct benefits. In order for...

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Presenters come to campus to raise drowsy driving awareness

Ever since her sister, Nicole Lee, was killed in a drowsy driving accident 12 years ago, Jennifer Pearce has told her sister’s story to advocate for drowsy driving victims. For the last...

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Plans for library collections relocation to be adjusted

Renovations to the third floor of the Glenn G. Bartle Library are expected to begin in July 2021, raising concerns about the relocation of the books the floor currently holds. The third-floor...