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Student protests in Hong Kong are more crucial than we're led to believe

The persistent protests in Hong Kong broke new ground when violence between police and student activists at The Chinese University of Hong Kong resulted in the suspension of classes and the subsequent...


Letter to the Editor: In response to Stella Huang's Oct. 10 column

The response to the recent federal ruling that Harvard does not discriminate against Asian Americans in their admissions process has been extremely polarizing in what was already an intense debate about the...


The debate on climate change prevents nations from taking it seriously

The Amazon rainforest is known for its astounding biodiversity, size and importance to the rainforest ecosystem. In fact, the Amazon rainforest alone is responsible for 20 percent of Earth’s oxygen, thus earning...


How does BU's meal plan system affect healthy eating habits?

At Binghamton University, students have a meal plan system unlike many other colleges. While most colleges rely mainly on a swipe system, allotting a certain number of weekly “swipes” to enter dining...


Why do smart speakers always use female voices?

To say that technology is ever-changing is an understatement. The competition for consumerism calls for an arms race between companies to outsmart one another. Among the latest of these competitions is the...