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Undocumented immigrants should receive stimulus checks

As the coronavirus pandemic has progressed, it has shone a harsh spotlight on some of the United States’ most flagrant inequities. For example, African Americans make up only 13 percent of the...

Sex Issue 2020

Women in movies can enjoy sex without pleasing male viewers

Few things in American culture are quite as taboo as female sexual pleasure. Even mere depictions of women enjoying sex are considered pornographic and obscene. This cultural discomfort with women’s sexual enjoyment...


Bail reform is but the first repair to a broken penal system

Arguably, criminal justice reform is becoming vogue. In part thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, who visited the White House to discuss criminal justice reform, it is clear that there is...


Prison reform doesn't always result in more humane incarceration

Recently, the political fight against the expansion of the United States’ prison system has, to an extent, become a bipartisan issue. While liberals have emphasized the social injustices inherent to the U.S....


"Voluntourism" doesn't help those in need

We’ve all seen it. Someone you’re friends with on Facebook or someone you follow on Instagram made a post about traveling to another country to do volunteer work. These trips usually include...