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Classes, comedians … college.

Four years. It’s hard to believe how fast they flew by. How in the world is it that nearly four years ago, I was here in the middle of July for orientation?...


Riding a firm losing streak

Whenever I participate in challenges or contests, I fantasize about winning the prize that’s being dangled temptingly above me. But in these situations, you shouldn’t get your hopes up too much, because...


Learning from my mistakes

I don’t usually consider writing apologist columns, but then again, we all make mistakes at some points in our lives and do need to apologize to take some of the load off....


CDC lacks professionalism

Let’s briefly talk about professionalism and courtesy, shall we? Last Thursday, I attended a short informational session. It was one of the half-hour-long Career Development Center (CDC) sessions titled “Interviewing 101,” about...


Controlling contraception talk

Sometimes, it sucks to be a man who just wants people to cooperate and work together on important issues instead of falling back on unimportant issues and sexism. I’m talking particularly about...


Tuesdays just won’t be the same: Dan Jan’s lasting legacy

I don’t quite know how to deal with this. I usually don’t have to, because death is something I don’t normally have to confront. In my mind, death seems unifying, which is...


Republicans are America’s notorious dysfunctional family

Looking at politics as of late just makes me fume. The main thing I want to hit head on is the dog pile known as the Never-Ending Republican Presidential Primaries. There have...


Reaching the halfway mark

I offer a hearty congratulations to you, dear readers, for it is the end of the semester. Well, almost the end of the semester, shall we say? How’s about we take a...


Muppets, family, parades, oh my!

Think back some 15 years for a moment. We were all relatively young and in first grade or kindergarten or what have you. The Muppets were still on television in syndication. The...


Do-it-yourself cooking

Sometime last year, probably in September, I was bitten by the culinary bug. While I wasn’t endowed with Spiderman-esque powers, I’ve had the urge since then to cook and bake rather frequently....