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Actually, I got by with quite a bit of help from my friends

If I know one thing for sure, it’s that my friends love each other. And it’s not because we’re sad to see each other graduate, or because we’ve promised to stay in...


Get a “girl friend”

I never thought of myself as one of those girls who got along with girls. But as the last days of my college career quickly burn out, I’m beginning to realize the...


All work and no play makes Julie a dull girl

Welcome back, kids. It’s time for our last hurrah. The much-anticipated spring break has come and gone, and now we return to Binghamton, some of us with golden tans, some with leftover...


Tebow doesn’t know better, you should

Tim Tebow to the Jets? Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. Now I suppose New Yorkers will either love or hate this self-proclaimed Jesus worshiper who prays to God for victory — you know, just in case...


Selective commitment, the only box I’ll check off

It’s tanning weather in sunny Binghamton, but instead of laying out and enjoying the first taste of spring, I’m sitting here writing this column. Fucking commitments. Seriously, I’m so bad at making...


Getting the ol’ gang back together

After almost four years at Binghamton University, I can proudly look back on the time I spent here and feel like I’ve matured, become more open-minded, learned more about the world and...


A not-so-ceremonious exit

There is no chance in Hell I’m walking at an 8 a.m. Commencement. In fact, I didn’t even know when graduation ceremonies are held — until my half-crazed mother quizzed me yesterday...


Rape victims don't warrant blame

Our dear Pipe Dream has repeatedly been home to content concerning what is and is not suitable for a female to wear, whether it is in an effort to increase rape awareness...


A guide to no-sweat registration

Spring 2012 is looming closer and B-Line is filling my inbox with information about registration dates and deadlines. Time to get down to business. Registration for this spring is going to hold...


Five ways to avoid the autumnal midterm blues

Happy October, everyone! OK, maybe not so happy. Past us are the easy September days of reviewing syllabi in class and simply filling in our planners with those far-off due dates of...