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I really hope my mom doesn't read this

I'd swear I'm not a whore but you can judge for yourself. ...


The way a person dresses is none of your business

How you dress or who you sleep with shouldn’t be a big deal to anyone but you. ...


Graduation jeopardizes relationships of all kinds

Realistically, we can’t keep everyone in our lives, and when it comes to dating, that’s certainly true. For better or worse, single or not, graduation marks a time of new beginnings for ...


Who ever said snow wasn't sexy?

Binghamton started me out with 12 inches, and I took all of it. It took me a while, and it was, for the most part, unpleasant and wet, but I got through ...


Sex, love and your iPhone

Technology should be used to enhance relationships, not determine them for us. ...


Long distance relationships aren't all that bad

If you manage to form a lasting relationship that either began long distance or continues to be long distance, then that says something positive about your emotional connection. ...


Don't dis it until you've tried it

The sex industry is something that's surrounded by a lot of ignorance. ...


Ideas about sex will always elicit opposition

Society isn’t here to coddle us. It’s not going to consistently empower the sex you have, the people you’re into or any of the other views on sex you may have. ...


Learn how to be comfortable in your own skin

Loving your body is a lot more mental than physical, though that goes against popular belief. ...


Bad relationships take many shapes

Your significant other shouldn’t have to change if he or she was upfront and honest with you from the get-go. ...