Jillian Kermani


Senior Nursing


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Declaring a major is only a step in finding yourself

Don't stop questioning, especially if you think you've found the answers. ...


Social media overload: "more is more"

When it comes to the proper way to use Facebook, one phrase covers it all: more is more. ...


Enjoy the little things at Bing

With two months left, seniors, carpe that diem. ...


Don't worry, be happy? Maybe we need to worry to be happy

Popular belief is that we worry too much. Maybe this is a misconception. ...


Only time can give you the proper impression of a person

First impressions are a necessary, if inaccurate, reflection of who you are. The key to success is not taking yourself too seriously. ...


Finals Week is Almost Here, No Fear

Before finals turn all your hair gray, do some of these activities to unwind. ...


How To: Have a 5 Conversation

In the hustle and bustle that characterizes most of our daily lives, it can be hard to quickly converse with your peers. Here's some tips on how to do it --- your ...


Humility is good, but you're allowed to feel good, too

Harder than giving a compliment is taking one. Cultivate that skill; you'll be better for it. ...


Stress loves company

Rather than focusing on how busy you are, think about what your friends are going through, too. ...


How not to make it through Decker: 5 sure-to-fail tips from a pro

Decker is a trying school. If you're looking for ways to not make it through, this article is your comprehensive guide. ...