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Letter to the Editor: Response to my Recent Column

I wrote an opinions piece on Feb. 11 for Pipe Dream entitled “Sexual trauma does not justify further violence in Palestine.” Since its publication, many details have been misinterpreted and I’d like...

Sex Issue 2024

Sexual trauma does not justify further violence in Palestine

Editor’s Note (2/13/24): A previous version of this article described the New York Times’ Oct. 7 sexual violence report as “debunked” by various sources. The article’s language has since been amended to more...


Capitalism feeds from the climate crisis

I remember when I first learned about climate change in the first grade — greenhouse gasses cause a warming planet, which, in turn, melt the Arctic and leave our beloved polar bears...

Housing Issue 2023

Airbnb fuels gentrification and housing crisis in NYC

Unaffordable housing in New York City is a familiar issue that resonates with most natives, including myself. A study released in April found that almost 80 percent of NYC residents living below...


Depictions of drug addiction ignore systemic causes

One of my responsibilities as an older sister is the drug talk. While I’ve taken it upon myself to pass down a voice of reason, there is a noticeable discrepancy in my...


Gender performativity should be unlearned

Recently, I watched a commentary video on YouTube uploaded by Mina Le, titled “explaining the hyperfemininity aesthetic,” in which she delves into the history and expansion of Barbie-core and bimbo-core across race,...

Housing Issue 2022

Broome County's housing and education crises are intertwined

The college town crisis, a far too well-known tale of concentrated supply and consistent demand for off-campus housing, is notoriously vigorous in disturbing surrounding neighborhoods and transforming them into university villages. Broome...


Playlists co-opt artists’ creative visions

The playlist versus album debate has been a topic of discussion on online blogs and music forums since the digitization of music and the rise of music streaming platforms. Meanwhile, many fear...


Legalizing marijuana is not a fix-all solution

On April 1, 2022, the House of Representatives passed the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act with a vote of 220 to 204. The act would federally legalize marijuana by decriminalizing...


Mental health diagnostic processes are racially exclusive

The ability to categorize the state of your mental health into a single word or a few — to say “I am” or “I have” this diagnosis — holds a level of...