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Campus News

Assistant dean found dead in home of natural causes

Milton Chester, assistant dean of students for off-campus programs and services at Binghamton University, died in his home on Monday, Jan. 6, according to a B-Line announcement released on Tuesday morning. According...

Campus News

BU professor breaks Guinness World Record

The Guinness World Records now reserves two spots for a Binghamton University professor — first for ripping license plates, and now for bending metal spikes. William Clark has spent his life focusing...

Campus News

University comes under fire as government officials, FIRE, right-wing news blogs make statements on First Amendment rights

As protests have erupted on Binghamton University’s campus, administrators and student leaders have been faced with questions about freedom of speech and expression. The University has come under fire from multiple government...

Student Association

SA Congress to vote on resolution calling for termination of BU engineering professor

The Student Association (SA) called for the termination of Victor Skormin, a distinguished service professor of electrical and computer engineering, at their Congress meeting on Tuesday night. Although SA Congress will not...


Tercero found guilty by Nicaraguan judge in Haley Anderson murder case

On Friday, former BU student Orlando Tercero was found guilty of murdering senior Haley Anderson in March 2018, eight weeks after the start of his Nicaraguan femicide trial. After the trial was...

Campus News

BU community continues celebration for M. Stanley Whittingham's Nobel Prize

The crowd celebrating M. Stanley Whittingham’s 2019 Nobel Prize win approached maximum capacity in the Anderson Center’s Osterhout Concert Theater on Friday. More than 1,000 people, including students, faculty and scientists from...


BU students, local residents protest Broome County Jail deaths at Columbus Day Parade

Hundreds of people were in Downtown Binghamton on Monday to watch the 60th-annual “Tournament of the Bands” and Columbus Day Parade when a group of about 20 people linked arms across the...

Campus News

Engineering professor posts picture displaying Confederate flag on Facebook

A Binghamton University professor is once again being criticized for racism, this time for posting a photograph of a man wearing a Confederate flag hat on social media. Victor Skormin, a distinguished...

Science & Research

BU professor awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry

M. Stanley Whittingham’s colleagues and friends raised a champagne toast to him on Wednesday afternoon as they celebrated the announcement of his 2019 Nobel Prize win. On Wednesday morning, Whittingham was in...

Campus News

Faculty hiring freeze lifted after 335 days

For 335 days, Binghamton University departments endured a hiring hold in an attempt to offset fiscal challenges the University is facing. Now, the hold has been lifted, according to a Dateline announcement...