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Meet M. Stanley Whittingham (S1E4)

Pipe Dream’s News Editor Jacob T. Kerr sits down with M. Stanley Whittingham, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry for his work on the lithium-ion battery, alongside Akira Yoshino and John B. Goodenough....


Meet Laura Johnsen (S1E3)

Pipe Dream’s News Editor Jacob T. Kerr and Arts & Culture Editor Gabby Iacovano sit down with Laura Johnsen, a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate studying anthropology. Johnsen studies the technology surrounding the world...


Meet Bill Clark (S1E2)

Pipe Dream’s news editor, Jacob T. Kerr, sits down with Bill Clark, a lecturer of health and wellness at BU who has earned Guiness world records. This episode was hosted by Jacob...

Off-Campus News

Binghamton mayor enacts law to curb underage drinking

On July 17, Binghamton Mayor Rich David announced a “social host” ordinance law to enact penalties during situations of underage drinking. The law states that a host of a social gathering where...

Science & Research

BU student, professor help change national map

In February, Kellyanne Allen, alongside her Environmental Studies 230: Introduction to Environmental Policy class, was looking at maps of air quality in the United States when the class noticed something strange —...

Science & Research

BU research community connects through Zoom for Research Days

Every year, Binghamton University students gather on campus to present their work to the public at Research Days. This year, the traditional setup was transformed into a virtual event, connecting the BU...

Campus News

'Everything is now my responsibility': BU junior loses father to the coronavirus

On March 11, Ryan Loche heard that classes at Binghamton University and other SUNY schools across the state would move online. Around March 18, his father, Chris Loche, started showing cold and...

Campus News

BU grants prorated refund for student fees

Beginning April 3, Binghamton University will make financial adjustments to give all students a prorated refund for housing, dining, course fees and several broad-based campus fees that went unused amid the coronavirus...


BU community sees second confirmed case of COVID-19

Just days after Binghamton University announced its first confirmed case of the coronavirus (COVID-19), a B-Alert sent to all BU community members on Thursday evening confirmed a second case. According to the...

Student Association

SA reports unofficial executive board, BU Council representative election results

Unofficial election results are in after a total of 1,238 undergraduate students voted in Student Association (SA) E-Board and Binghamton University Council representative elections on Tuesday, and now, new student leaders are...