Isabella Cavallo

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Housing Issue

Renting a luxury student apartment versus nonaffiliated houses on the West Side, Johnson City

After freshman year, many students make the decision to move off campus for a more independent college experience. After picking roommates and after the air of excitement among everyone grows, the debate...


Students with dietary restrictions struggle to find reliable meals on campus

Complaining about the awful campus food is a rite of passage for college students, but for those with any strict food restrictions, finding a satisfactory meal on campus makes the whole experience...


"We wanted to make Rochester know that they have other communities behind them:" Students, community members join "Upstate Uprising"

In solidarity with ongoing rallies in Rochester, NY, students and community members marched throughout the streets of Downtown Binghamton on Saturday night to protest against police brutality. The rally and march, titled...


Local Black-owned restaurants you can eat at

One of the best ways to indirectly support the Black Lives Matter movement is to buy from Black-owned businesses. That being said, Black-owned stores, brands, services and restaurants are, sadly, not easy...

On-Campus Events

Bookstore hosts Green Day Friday Fashion Show to connect students in a safe manner

Students arriving to campus for the new semester are usually met with loads of on-campus events to attend throughout the first week. This semester, social distancing guidelines mean no athletics, concerts, tabling...