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Take your a cappella tastes beyond the usual

Binghamton University’s semi-annual Dollar Show features nine groups, each performing vocal arrangements of popular songs without instrumental backing. While modern sensations like “Pitch Perfect” or Pentatonix are often trending, there are plenty ...


Comedian Moshe Kasher brings laughs to LH1

He called on members of the audience to answer questions, asked students about their majors and career prospects and heckled anyone who dared to get out of their seat or walk ...


Students and alumni create app to borrow, lend items

Tapias and Hamza Syed, ‘15, came up with the idea for TruNeed after seeing people use their fraternity’s GroupMe to borrow, lend, buy and sell items. Along with Jianqiu Huang, ‘16, the ...

Off-Campus Events

New Roberson exhibit 'A Theatre of Things' features BU professor's collection

The exhibit is meant to simulate the experience of walking through Boros’ home. The entrance, for example, is designed to look like the foyer of his house. In one corner of the ...