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Enforcing the rules of language

The use of proper grammar and correct spelling is often overlooked, and often seen as something that’s only necessary for English majors and copy editors. Why would it be useful for anyone...


In defense of getting an English degree

As stated on the radio show “A Prairie Home Companion,” the only career options available for the useless, impractical English major are fast food, teaching, writing press releases or — only in...


Avoiding 'slactivism' in the time of Trump

One of the most prominent boycotts in recent weeks was directed toward Uber, as CEO Travis Kalanick joined President Donald Trump’s Economic and Policy Forum. The hashtag #DeleteUber went viral, causing people...


Makeup is not just make up

“Take your girl swimming on the first date,” suggests a popular internet meme, so that her makeup will be ruined and you’ll see what she really looks like underneath that mask of...


Making unwelcome advances unwelcome

Most students at Binghamton University can say they’ve been to State Street on the weekends, eager to blow off steam after a stressful week. Although it’s a hassle to wait for the...


Understanding intersectionality

President-elect Donald Trump has proven in the past two weeks that some of his campaign promises and ideologies might not make it to the White House. However, we have already seen the...


Millennials must act

Many people in the United States are in mourning right now. They are mourning their feeling of safety, their sense of freedom and their will to exist. Although the result of this...


Giving mental illness a bad rap

A few weeks ago, rapper Kid Cudi posted on Facebook about his decision to check himself into rehab for depression and anxiety: “I am not at peace. I haven’t been since you’ve...


The problem with 'fatphobia'

In a study conducted by Glenn Gaesser, director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center at Arizona State University, over half the females between the ages of 18 and 25 stated that they...