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My Bom-Chicka-Blind-Date

Spring has sprung, providing a glimmer of hope. Relationships are springing up as well. At least seven of my friends, within the past month, have gone “Facebook official” and I am more...


How to deal with the different drunks

Every year on Parade Day, through all of the Saint Patrick’s Day-themed debauchery, we students are in our simplest and most vulnerable states — completely drunk. Maybe it’s the Bailey’s breakfast or...


Need to avoid stalkers? Try to out-strange them

The amount of attention (and/or backlash) I’ve received since my last column was unlike anything I have ever experienced. People I had never met started quoting my article and giving me props....


It's sorority pledge week!

That’s right Newing College, grab your hair straighteners and glitter glue pens. It’s that time of the semester again, when hordes of sorority pledges will bombard dining halls with zombie-like greetings. Forget...


A note to my past self: How to survive and thrive at school

Dear freshman Elena, You think you’re hot shit but you have barely any idea of the experiences you will encounter. You will be humbled. You have the right to be confident and...


Mixed signals and rules to live by

It might have been 3 a.m. I might have been pouring out my heart to a cab driver after a typical night of debauchery on State Street. Don’t judge. During the taxicab...


Walk of shame ' or victory lap

It’s an ungodly hour on Saturday morning. You’ve awaken from a drunken slumber, seemingly stranded and apparently naked. In a stranger’s bed, you’re snuggled up next to a random person. Congratulations ‘...


A day in the life of a Binghamton hipster

The hipster is a rare specimen here at Binghamton University, but it’s an increasingly prevalent species of Bearcat. You have to feel for them ‘ imagine having to cope with the dull...


Your facial hair says something about you; A Soul Patch bares your soul

“Springhamton” is an adventurous time for men to reinvent themselves through facial hair. Keep in mind there are underlying meanings and notoriety behind different kinds of facial hair before you put away...


How to define relationships, for dummies

So you’ve been hanging out and flirting consistently with the cutie in your 10:05 a.m. lecture. Lately, you’ve been on a lot of one-on-one dates with this lecture heartthrob. Friends start getting...