Daniel Burns


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Free speech supercedes right to be offended

Flag banning and other symbol-related regulations limit the ways people can express their own ideals. ...


Establish an online forum to express concerns

Real identities put faces to concerns. This facilitates in-person discussion as people interested in the issue at hand seek each other out and organize. Not only would an online forum help students ...


Law school costs no longer worth it for most students

I am not saying that law degrees are worthless, but the reality is that the commitment of resources necessary to obtain such a degree is astronomical and unfair. ...


Campus crimes should be the domain of the police

The fact that universities are allowed to handle their own affairs over and over again is inexcusable. ...


Repressive tactics stifle student voices

Most students do not have the money to instigate change or air grievances through economic avenues. ...


Israeli nationalism is inherently paradoxical

If everyone were permitted to vote, regardless of religious affiliation, Israel could not credibly follow through on its guarantee to act in the Jewish people's best interests. ...