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Campus News

BU organizations collaborate to host STEM panel

This Monday, a panel was hosted for women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The event was a collaboration between Scientista — an organization aimed at providing content, resources and networking...

Campus News

Watson hires new AI research professor

Carlos Gershenson, a researcher focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) in the health field, has been hired as a professor at Binghamton University. Gershenson is the first of several professors hired by the...

Campus News

Department of Evolutionary studies hosts seminar

On Monday, the department of evolutionary studies (EvoS) held a seminar about restoring natural landscapes on a broad scale. The discussion — titled “Cultural Evolution for the Regeneration of Earth” — was...

Science & Research

BU assistant professor receives $500,000 grant

An assistant professor at Binghamton University received a $500,000 grant to study human cardiac cells. Tracy Hookway, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, received the five year grant from the National Science...

Campus News

Google Workspace updates storage policy

Google Workspace has recently changed its storage policy, impacting Binghamton University students, faculty and staff. According to a Dateline announcement, individuals using BU’s Google Services will no longer have the ability to...

Science & Research

BU researchers awarded grant for study on medical implant infections

Researchers at Binghamton University have received a grant to study potential solutions for infections related to medical implants. Karin Sauer, a professor of biological sciences who works in biofilms research, along with...

Campus News

Ongoing library construction blocks roads

Over fall break, crane construction took place outside Glenn G. Bartle Library as a part of the ongoing third floor renovations. In a statement released on behalf of the Binghamton University Libraries,...

Campus News

BU researcher collaborates on proposal to eliminate Russian gas in Europe

Researchers have created a proposal to eliminate the need for Russian natural gas in Europe. The research focused on solutions to Europe’s current energy shortfall. In response to sanctions from the European...