Ashley Branch

Senior Columnist

Class of 2013 English

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From Brooklyn to Binghamton and back

The concept of home is not premised on locality, but rather the comforts that locality provides. ...


Don't legislate my values away

How can we as a nation judge the moral compasses and cultures of other nations when our own moral backbones are rooted in religion as well? ...


Quashing the V-Day cash-cow

This past weekend I made peace with Valentine’s Day. You’re probably wondering why anyone would have to make peace with a holiday that’s all about love. I’m neither anti-Valentine’s Day nor anti-love....


This Black History Month, apply a critical eye

There has been progress, but we're a long way from equality. ...


Christmas is here. This time, avoid the pink bows and Hot Wheels

Christmas is an all-American holiday. But it shouldn't perpetuate stereotypes that harm our society, too. ...


Political Race-Baiting is Alive and Well

Our political culture is riddled with racism and intolerance. ...


Beyond the smokescreen

Debates are nothing but meaningless political vaudeville. Figuring out which candidate reflects your values is a personal journey. ...


Pressured on all sides, students turn to cheating

It's easy to blame students for cheating. But that's a cop-out. The causes of cheating begin at home and in the culture of academia itself. ...


Obama failed to make his case in debate #1

Obama put in a weak performance in his first debate with Romney, failing to seize on the troubling aspects of Romney’s past and policies. ...


Turn your voice into a vote

As citizens in a democracy, it is our responsibility to show up at the ballot box come November. ...