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Choose your own adventure, leave room for the cliché stuff

I was trying desperately to come up with a topic for my first and only column that was not corny, overdone or lame. I have not succeeded. I love Binghamton University. Maybe...


Alpha Phi charter suspended

One of Binghamton University's oldest sororities, Alpha Phi, has had its charter suspended by its parent organization. ...


BU could receive $35 million in funding as part of NYSUNY 2020

Binghamton University President C. Peter Magrath held a press conference Monday afternoon in front of the Science V construction Monday to discuss the grant program announced earlier that day by Gov. Andrew ...


Zimpher rejects BU presidential candidates

The search for Binghamton University's next president ground to a halt last week when SUNY announced that neither of the recommended candidates for the post would be accepted. ...


Former Bearcat pleads guilty to felony

Former Binghamton University Bearcat Derrick "D.J." Rivera accepted a plea bargain Monday after being accused of using a stolen debit card. ...


Al-Zahrani deemed mentally incompetent, trial on indefinite hold

A Broome County judge signed off Tuesday on a postponement of the trial of former Binghamton University student Abdulsalam al-Zahrani based on reports that the defendant is not mentally competent to stand ...


Proceedings on hold as mental state of defendant is questioned

The trial of Abdulsalam al-Zahrani, a former Binghamton University graduate student who was accused of stabbing professor Richard Antoun to death, has been postponed. ...


Bar owner told DJ to shout "fire," say police

The owners of Scoreboard Bar and the Rathskeller Pub were arrested Friday for allegedly selling alcohol to underage students and endangering patrons' lives. ...


Judge rules evidence admissible in case of former Bearcat

A pretrial evidentiary hearing for former Binghamton University basketball player Derrick "D.J." Rivera was held in Binghamton on Jan. 13. ...


Presidential candidate calls for accountability

The second candidate for Binghamton University’s presidency presented her case Monday to a filled Old Union Hall, reaffirming her dedication to the public school system. Dr. Susan Jeffords, currently serving as the...