As spring break 2022 approaches, we may find ourselves frantically searching for last-minute traveling plans, Instagram-worthy vacations or relaxing islands far away from Binghamton University. However, for those who are unable to travel during the break, no matter what the reason is, there are still many ways to enjoy it and make use of the time off from school. Here are a few:

1. Have a picnic

Whether you’re going for a girl’s day or a romantic date, picnics are a great way to enjoy time with those who are important to you. They can be fancy or casual, and you don’t even necessarily have to leave your house to have one. Popular picnic locations include a nearby park or the beach, but a simple alternative is having one in your own backyard. Grab a blanket, some good food and a bottle of wine, if you’re feeling frisky, and head over to your backyard for a cute and effortless activity that is totally stress-free, but still Instagram-worthy.

2. Start your workout journey

Have you been meaning to get into the gym but haven’t been able to find the time or motivation? Spring break is an excellent time to start. If you find yourself sitting home wondering what you should do, the gym could be the answer. Exercise has a lengthy list of health benefits, including being able to improve your overall mood. No more excuses!

3. Spring cleaning

A perfect activity for spring break is to participate in some good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Reorganize your closet, throw away or donate any unwanted clothes or items and let your stress go along with them. Cleaning is a great way to decompress and be out with the old and in with the new. Clear your mind while also clearing your bedroom.

4. Start a new book, TV show or podcast

Finding a new form of entertainment, whether it be starting a new book, watching a new TV show or giving that podcast you’ve been considering a try, can be a refreshing way to spend free time. Start and/or end your day with your selection of leisure activities to energize yourself in the morning and unwind at night. Choosing a hobby relevant to your interests and goals helps to personalize this activity and leaves you looking forward to it every day.

5. Volunteer

The best way to make the most use of your time off is to spend it giving back to others. Some ways to participate in volunteer work are by volunteering at soup kitchens, charity events, homeless shelters, etc. Participating in these acts of service will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside and like your free time was well spent.

6. Spend some time with loved ones at home

Although it may not be many people’s first choice for how to spend their spring break, going home to your family simply just to spend time with them will end up being a rewarding and feel-good experience all around. Have a parent/child lunch date, a sibling shopping trip or a movie date with your grandparents, and allow yourself to relax while spending time with the people most important to you. No matter what the activity is, time will not feel wasted.

7. Start a daily journal

Not only does a daily journal give you an outlet for self-expression, but it can help you track your overall mood, ideas, goals and habits. Journals can be extremely therapeutic and allow you to unwind after a long day while also giving you a safe, private place to express your feelings and emotions.

8. Clear out your email

Many of us face the issue of having mass spams of promotional emails and endless subscriptions crowding up our inboxes. Use your time off to unsubscribe from that online store you haven’t shopped at since you were in middle school and that food chain that you don’t even live within a 100-mile radius of. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

9. Create a vision board

A vision board is similar to a journal because it also gives you an outlet to express your goals and dreams. Vision boards are more aimed at illustrating what you want your future to be and how you can attain it. Looking at it can help to keep you motivated, focused, stay on the right track and can remind you of what you want to achieve in the coming weeks.

10. Have an at-home spa day

Does school have you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? The perfect way to decompress and relax is to have an at-home spa day. Indulge yourself with a personal self-care day during your time off from school. Dim the lights, light a candle, do a face mask or skin-care treatment and maybe even draw yourself a relaxing bubble bath. Dedicate a day simply to your own relaxation and leave all the stress of school in Binghamton.