Selling things can be hard, and selling textbooks can be particularly rough. With so many people in the market, it can be a struggle to make yourself known. Prove that you’re reliable and have quality products and you may be in the market for a long time.

1. Establish Yourself: Make your presence known. Post on all the Facebook groups you can, and let people know you’re selling. People want cheap textbooks, and they may even want them from you. At the same time, you want to keep it on the down low so the man doesn’t try to bust you.

2. No Payment Plans: Make sure you get your money up front before the exchange. Count your money right there, because students are on a college budget and might try to slip you some ones instead of fives. No payment plans allowed.

3. Reach Out: Just because you post on Facebook doesn’t mean you’re the only one. Search through all of the buying and selling posts and find people who are searching for your books. Let them know it doesn’t matter if it’s three in the morning and you don’t take holidays off. Message them, but don’t be too pushy. If they want what you’re selling, they’ll bite.

4. Have Backups: If you’re lucky, a bunch of people will want to buy your books. Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t have everything in stock. Try to find friends with the same books as you, and use them as backups if you’re waiting on an answer from more than one person. Referring buyers helps your friends and helps you keep a good reputation.

5. Find A Meeting Place: Never let the customer come to you. Find a spot that is somewhat private, and arrive five minutes late. You never want to be early for a deal, and you always want to be able to keep walking. Don’t talk too long and don’t make yourself obvious. You don’t want other people taking your customers. As Biggie said, “Never sell no shit where you rest at.”

6. “How much did you use this?”: When someone asks you if you used your textbook during the class, the answer is always yes. If your teacher told you the book would only be used once during the semester, the answer yes. If you never picked up the book, the answer is still yes. Most importantly, let them know that you’ve been using books for 13 years, and this is the best you’ve ever had.

7. Let Them Smell It: When you’re making the exchange, let your customer get a thorough look at the book. Have them turn the pages, check for tears and even give it a good sniff. You’re selling some high quality textbooks, so let them know what they’re in for.

8. Straight From California: Well, maybe your textbooks aren’t straight from California, but they might be straight from Mandos.

Remember, don’t get too attached to your books, and never stop hustling. Work hard, sell smart and you’ll never have too many textbooks.