Binghamton University, also known as the State University of New York at Binghamton, has a lot of rich history and fun stories to learn about. Here, you can find ten interesting and important facts about our school.

Q: Where is BU located?

A: The primary campus of BU is found in Vestal, NY. Despite the name and its address, the University’s main campus is actually a mile west of the city of Binghamton.

Q: When was BU founded?

A: This is another tricky question since there are technically multiple correct answers. If you said 1946, you would be correct since that is when the school that eventually would become BU was founded. However, the school did not get the name State University of New York at Binghamton until 1965, when it became a SUNY university center along with Stony Brook University, the University at Albany and the University at Buffalo.

Q: What was BU originally called when it was founded?

A: The correct answer is Triple Cities College. If you said Harpur College, then you are almost correct as that was the name of the school from 1950 to 1965.

Q: Who was the first president of Harpur College?

A: It was Glenn G. Bartle, who was also the dean of Triple Cities College and is now immortalized as the name of our main library.

Q: Who is the current president of BU?

A: Harvey Stenger of course! He has been the University’s president since 2011 and can be spotted around campus with his dog, Brewster.

Q: How many colleges and schools make up BU?

A: There are six schools that are a part of the University. They are Harpur College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Community and Public Affairs, Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences, the School of Management, Thomas J. Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Q: Where is the University’s art museum located?

A: BU’s very own art museum is housed in the Fine Arts Building. It is open during the daytime Tuesday through Saturday and has featured a variety of exhibitions over the years. Visit their website for more information on which hours they are open and what exhibits they are currently showing.

Q: What can be found at the University Union?

A: At the University Union, you can find a lot of student organizations — including Pipe Dream — as well as a diverse dining options in the Marketplace, some classrooms, the University Bookstore and so much more.

Q: What bus transportation services are available to students?

A: First, there is the Off-Campus College Transport (OCCT) bus system, which is student-run and free for students, taking students to local locations, such as the Oakdale Mall. Students can also use the Broome County Transit bus system for free with their University I.D. Finally, the ESCAPE Student Bus Service busses students from campus to the New York metropolitan area on breaks and weekends.

Q: Who is the mascot of BU?

A: Baxter the Bearcat has been the University’s official mascot since 1999. He is a binturong, a mammal native to Asia. Baxter can be found at sporting events or on the Spine on Fridays handing out frisbees to students wearing green.