With spring around the corner and St. Patrick’s Day a recent event, check out some freebies or limited time goodies for the holiday.


Applebee’s will be bringing back their Saintly Sips for 2024. The promotion includes the $5 Tipsy Leprechaun, $5 Michelob ULTRA and the new $7 Pot O’ Gold Daq-A-Rita. For those under 21, there is also a Rainbow Lemonade offered in a variety of fruit flavors. Either get them on their own or with Applebee’s returning 2 for $25 deal.


The company that started the St. Patrick’s Day promotion craze, McDonald’s is returning their famous Shamrock Shake. The vanilla shake blended with minty syrup has become a fan favorite over the years. McDonald’s has also expanded to a OREO Shamrock McFlurry which shares the same minty flavor but with the addition of Oreo’s famous cookies and creme flavor. The Shamrock Shake will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to check it out before it’s gone.


Think green! Panera is promoting their clean and green menu to celebrate the holiday. Items like the Green Passion Smoothie and the Green Goddess Cobb Salad help showcase the green that is available year round at Panera. Unlike some of the other promotions on this list, Panera is not offering a special deal — however, the featured menu shows how a green state of mind can be kept year round.


It’s starting to get warmer in Binghamton, which means it’s the perfect time for ice cream. Carvel is offering their Cookie O’Puss St. Patrick’s Day ice cream cake, a holiday version of their Cookie Puss cake. The chocolate and vanilla cake with green decorations on top make for a perfect cake for your holiday celebration. Carvel is also offering their mint and vanilla saucers for a limited time, which are perfect for both celebrations or as just a sweet treat.

Burger King

Lent is a big time of year for fish, and Burger King is taking full advantage. Until March 28, get one Big Fish sandwich and get another for $2. While many people don’t think of Burger King as a fish organization, the breakaway from their usual Whoppers is a way for them to explore their other options.


Similarly to McDonald’s, Arby’s is offering their own minty shake this year. Their mint chocolate shake is topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and Andes Mint pieces. Since chocolate and mint is a popular combination, Arby’s is taking full advantage by making a change on the famous Shamrock Shake. Most people usually think of Arby’s for their sandwiches, which makes this shake a fun way to share their line of shakes.

Whether you’re planning on spending time with family or friends, these promotions will get you in the holiday spirit.