Provided by HBO

Winter may not actually be coming, but “Game of Thrones,” the mega-budget medieval fantasy TV series, is back. The show returned Sunday night for its fourth season, so we’ve created a drinking game in its honor. We recommend starting out with a light mead; save the dragon fire whiskey for later. Brace yourselves.

Take a drink…

1. Whenever dragons appear. Because dragons are awesome.

2. Every time Hodor says “Hodor.” Be careful on this one.

3. When Joffrey does something awful, everyone swear at the screen and take a drink.

4. Every time someone says, “Winter is coming.”

5. For each time Jon Snow is called a bastard, everyone yell, “You know nothing Jon Snow!” and take a drink.

6. Finish your drink whenever a main character dies. Make sure you have a lot of drinks to go around.

7. Whenever Tyrion drinks on screen, toast to the screen and drink with him.

8. For every exposed boob you see. Tasteful side boob doesn’t count.

9. Whenever there’s a sex scene, chug your drink until the scene ends.

10. Each time the Red Wedding is mentioned, sob profusely and finish your drink.

11. One sip for a sword fight, two sips for incest and five sips for sword fights that result in incest.

12. For every mention of the Iron Throne.