Binghamton University’s very own Josef Thompson is in the process of making his name as a rapper and DJ. Thompson is a junior majoring in systems science and industrial engineering. When not studying engineering, Thompson can be found making his very own music under the stage name Dream!

Currently, Thompson produces his own rap music and performs as a DJ at musical shows. He has six original songs that can be found on his SoundCloud @yourdreamsssss. Thompson has been inspired by a variety of musical artists, not just limited to rappers.

“I make rap music, specifically melodic rap music,” Thompson wrote in an email. “I love the combination of lyricism, melodies and harmonies. While I do also like listening to this genre, I take inspiration from many different genres of artists, from Baby Keem, to Michael Jackson, to Erykah Badu.”

Thompson’s journey to becoming a rapper and DJ did not start at BU. Although it has not always been his top priority, music has been a longtime passion of his and has been a presence in his life for a long time.

“I first started making music in high school, but I didn’t start taking it seriously until the summer last year,” Thompson wrote. “I had fun making beats on GarageBand on my laptop, so I bought equipment — a microphone, MIDI keyboard and studio headphones — to jump-start my career. “

As he has gotten more confident and comfortable with his ability to make music, Thompson has started to expand his influence through posting his music online and performing at shows. These shows have given Thompson great publicity and allowed him to share his music with more people.

“All of my shows were equally as amazing and equally as big of an opportunity to expand,” Thompson wrote.

Thompson’s most recent single is titled “Sick&Tired&Sick!” and was released on May 6. The song utilizes Thompson’s smooth rapping voice and talent for music mixing to create a melodic and beautiful song.

“My favorite song that I’ve ever released or performed is ‘Sick&Tired&Sick!,’ which is my newest song out now on SoundCloud,” Thompson wrote.

Thompson’s talent for creating songs is no accident, as he has spent a lot time immersing himself in the music world. He manages to stay fresh compared to other upcoming rappers by researching a wide variety of genres.

“I think I’m different because I’m very well versed in music, since I’ve listened to so many different types of music growing up,” Thompson wrote. “This really helps me to stay versatile, not drawing from the same sound too often.”

Beyond just being a career-building activity, music is also a relaxing and comforting hobby for Thompson.

“Making music is a form of self-care for me,” Thompson wrote. “Whenever I feel myself getting stressed or I want some form of release, I just write a song or make a beat.”

Going forward, Thompson is not sure exactly what he will be doing in the future when he graduates from BU. Between music and systems science and industrial engineering, Thompson has a lot of options to choose from.

“I want to prioritize my happiness over everything,” Thompson wrote.

In terms of the Binghamton music scene, Thompson believes that it is a great place for upcoming student musicians to find their voice. However, there is one thing that he thinks could be improved.

“Binghamton has a rich music scene for rock and student bands,” Thompson wrote. “I definitely want to see more exposure for local singers and rappers.”

Follow Dream! on Instagram @yourdreamsssss and check out his original music on SoundCloud