If coronavirus cancellations have you missing live music, have no fear: plenty of artists from the Binghamton area have digital presences as well. With concerts and festivals being canceled for the foreseeable future, it’s important now more than ever to support musicians. The diversity of scenes here means there’s something for everyone.

Here are samplings of local music available for online purchase or streaming:

Yard Party

Based in: Binghamton

Genres: alternative rock, post-hardcore, punk

In their own words: “Yard Party has been active in the local music scene since 2018. Their debut album, ‘In Search of an Exit,’ released March 27, blends rock, punk, 80’s pop, post-hardcore and alternative into a cohesive work that offers something for everyone.”

Find them on: Instagram (@yardpartyofficial), Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp

Winna Skellz

Based in: Binghamton

Genres: hip-hop, pop

In their own words: ”The diversity I have when it comes to my music keeps people on their toes because they never know what’s coming next from me. My music makes you want to live out of the box and be you at all times. That’s what it’s all about.”

Find them on: Instagram (@winnaskellzthetyger), Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and Soundcloud

Second Suitor

Based in: Binghamton

Genres: punk, alternative, pop-punk

In their own words: “Second Suitor makes music that makes you want to laugh, cry and dance your heart out to, all at the same time! We strive to create all-inclusive safe spaces for everyone to enjoy.”

Find them on: Instagram (@secondsuitorny), Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp

The Union Argus

Based in: Endwell

Genres: ambient, conceptual

In their own words: “The Union Argus has self-released audio on Bandcamp and cassettes since late 2016, and the project has been picked up Chromatic Aberration records from Idaho. Catharsis has consistently been the purpose of making any of the things I’ve released under The Union Argus, the sound tends to take a back seat to the reason it’s being made in the first place.”

Find them on: Instagram (@theunionargus), Bandcamp and Soundcloud

Emily Gilmore

Based in: Binghamton

Genres: noise punk

In their own words: “We make confrontational, grating noise to cast down rapists, abusers and fascists. We are not musicians. We are anarchists.”

Find them on: Instagram (@xemilygilmorex) and Bandcamp


Based in Binghamton

Genre: art rock

In their own words: “Clouds, rain and beauty. Expressions in Binghamton. Electrifying.”

Find them on: Instagram (@expressssions) and Bandcamp


Based in: Binghamton

Genres: sludge metal, atmospheric rock

In their own words: “Floodlands is a hurricane. Rough, loud and metallic on the outside, yet soothing, calm and strangely peaceful at their core.”

Find them on: Instagram (@floodlandsband), Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp

Devinne Meyers

Based in: Binghamton

Genres: Americana, singer-songwriter, folk, pop

In their own words: “Recent achievements have generated a buzz, but the foundation of Devinne Meyers’ vocal conviction nestled in the words of her lyrical prowess has built the basis for a promising career in the singer-songwriter arena. Influenced by songwriters like Patty Griffin, Paul McCartney, Shel Silverstein, Lisa Loeb, Fiona Apple, Susan Tedeschi and Bob Dylan, Meyers’ writing has blended influences of folk, pop, soul, blues and alternative genres with a confessional and emotional lyrical style, and edgy yet compassionate, conversational vocal styling.”

Find them on: Instagram (@devinnemeyers), Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp

Dirty Band-Aid

Based in: Binghamton

Genre: punk

In their own words: “Dirty Band-Aid is a band, yes, but it’s also a concept that people could learn from and be impacted by. We have gone through a total of eight members, but we keep going because no matter what, we want people to know even if you get pushed down you can keep it moving. Play music because you love it, start something bigger than you realize.”

Find them on: Instagram (@dirtybandaidsux) and YouTube (NRCgraphy Official)