Most people wouldn’t want their old diary entries shown on the Lecture Hall 1 projector. But for Aidy Bryant, it was a bit that hit home with the crowd.

The comedian, known for her work on “Saturday Night Live,” performed a stand-up set for a packed room this past Friday night. During her set, Bryant kept the evening lively with stories from her childhood, a slideshow of her old journal and how horrible being in middle school can be.

“You look like a goblin,” Bryant said about those formative years, shortly before launching into a story about a crazy sleepover party she once had.

Continuing to take material from her life, the “Girls” actress read aloud from a chain-mail group message that her young niece invited her to participate in.

“Who is writing this, Usher?” she said about one of the messages, which described the reader as an “angel.”

Bryant drew the crowd in, both figuratively and literally, when she asked for one freshman boy and one freshman girl to join her up front. Giving each of them a set of cards, she had them act out a scene she had written. Matt Trotta, a freshman majoring in biology, was one of the students that came up.

“It was really fun and unexpected, and Aidy was really cool and I had a lot of fun with it,” Trotta said.

The show was opened by “Saturday Night Live” writer Anna Drezen.

“Y’all getting fingered,” she joked to the crowd.

Drezen, an editor-at-large at Reductress, did a lot of crowd work at the start of the show, talking to an audience member and asking the crowd what year everyone was in. In an attempt to relate, she discussed topics she thought resonated with students, such as dating.

“Dating is cool,” she said. “So do you guys date each other?”

Students expressed satisfaction with Drezen’s parts of the show that had a tone of female empowerment.

“It was great, like, the woman-centered jokes,” said Madison Derksema, an undeclared freshman. “It was like, yeah, women comedians, we’re hilarious. That was cool.”

A highlight of the show was looking at pages from a young Bryant’s diary. One entry was about turtles, and another full of things that she had liked at the time. Bryant went page by page, commenting on the various writings and drawings that that she had done years ago.

Bryant and Drezen also both made many Binghamton-specific jokes, with Drezen talking about BU being a “public Ivy” and Bryant asking if students ever called the school “the Ham.”

Lyla Cerulli, the variety chair for the Student Association Programming Board and a senior double-majoring in psychology and classical and Near Eastern studies, said she was happy with the event’s turnout.

“I really thought it went super, super well,” Cerulli said. “I thought they really were able to connect with [the students.] When I was walking with them, they asked about little tidbits about the school, so the public Ivy thing, that was me.”

Bryant closed the show with an interactive set, where students asked her questions about the University and she improvised answers.

When asked about our football team, she said that last year was the year they got rid of it, which got an enthusiastic response from the crowd.