Once again, the dead of winter is upon us. With less than a week of classes left, it is time to make the perfect playlist for traveling home for break. Here are a few songs to add to your essential winter driving playlist.

“So Much Wine,” Phoebe Bridgers

One of Bridgers’ iconic winter covers, this song certainly doesn’t overcome the “sad girl” allegations but works even harder to get everyone singing along. Originally written by The Handsome Family, “So Much Wine” is a beautiful track that combines guitar and violin with harmonies that bring power and soul into the background of the song, making this a great one to hum along to at any time.

“Manifest,” Andrew Bird

This song begins with a unique and calming guitar and builds into a powerful song that is perfect for a long car ride home.

“Red Wine Supernova,” Chappell Roan

Along with eggnog and hot chocolate, red wine is a classic winter drink. This fast-paced song has a great beat and fun lyrics that anyone can sing along to. Blast it during your drive home to pass the time or play it at a New Year’s Eve party to get people on the dance floor.

“Linger,” The Cranberries

A classic song by The Cranberries, “Linger” is the perfect combination of calm and slow verses with a more powerful chorus. As the last bits of autumn decor hang around and people begin to hope for warmer days, this song invokes a sense of longing in a way that lends itself to singers joining in and enjoying themselves as they are reminded of their past.

“cardigan,” Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is, of course, the queen of autumnal and wintery music. This song is certainly no exception and is perfect for the melancholy nature of winter. This song is soft and slow, yet still filled with emotion, and has a chorus that the listener can’t help but sing along to.

“Fairytale of New York,” The Pogues

For those of you who may be interested in a Christmas song, here is a bittersweet holiday song with a quick beat and strong duet. This song is great for getting into the holiday spirit but works outside of the context of holidays as well, drawing in imagery of a cold winter’s night.

“About You,” The 1975

Returning home can elicit memories of friends and past experiences, and The 1975 brings back these memories in “About You.” The song is nostalgic and expresses seeing someone again after a long time. It is a great one to sing along to, particularly when returning to a place you may not have visited for a little too long.

“I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm,” Frank Sinatra

This song has a great jazzy twist which reminds the listener of nights cooking dinner with the family and dancing around the kitchen. This song is great for the drive home and is a reminder that, as cold as it may get outside, warmth can be found with good music and a fun time with your friends and family.