Here is the look at Spotify’s top 10 artists of 2023.

10. Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has had one of her biggest years yet, especially with the release of her album “Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd.” Del Rey has had a cult following since the start of her career, but her music did not typically end up charting. However, with the rising popularity of her songs on TikTok, including the older ones, and the release of more catchy singles, Del Rey has racked up over 56 million listeners on Spotify.


Latin music has taken over the charts, and Carolina Navarro, more famously known as KAROL G, is just one of four Latin artists on this list. After featuring in Colombia’s version of the X Factor according to Spotify, Navarro went on to release chart-topping hits that combined reggae, pop and R&B. Her music gained massive influence in the United States leading to collaborations with American artists like Nicki Minaj, Pop Smoke and The Jonas Brothers.

8. SZA

After the success of SZA’s “Ctrl,” fans were practically begging the singer to release a new album, as it had been five years since she had last done so. Released at the very end of 2022, “SOS” gained many of its streams from 2023, made evident by the leading single, “Kill Bill,” making it into the number two spot on the Spotify Top 10 Songs of 2023.

7. Travis Scott

Like SZA, an artist who he recently collaborated with, Travis Scott’s “UTOPIA” was highly anticipated after it had been five years since the release of his last album, which dominated the charts at the time. This hiatus was intentional after 10 fans died at Scott’s festival in 2021, which led to lawsuits. However, his fanbase seemed to stick, as the new album has reached over 1 billion streams on Spotify.

6. Feid

Feid, who opened for KAROL G only two years ago, has gained tremendous popularity and respect in the Latin music scene. Feid’s music is filled with reggaeton influences, as well as many references to his roots in Medellín, Colombia. Just recently, he sold out El Choliseo arena in San Juan, Puerto Rico in under an hour, showing the demand for his music.

5. Peso Pluma

With spots on the top albums of 2023 and the top songs of 2023 Spotify lists, it’s no surprise that Peso Pluma has received such a high spot on this list. The singer took heavy influence from traditional Mexican music on his most recent album, “Génesis,” which took the ninth spot on the most streamed albums on Spotify this year.

4. Drake

As the most streamed artist in the history of Spotify, this list would be incomplete without Drake. The rapper has released a total of four albums in the last two years, on top of numerous collabs, giving fans a plethora of music to stream. Although critics have said this era of Drake shows a demise in his creativity, he seems to constantly pump out global hits with every album.

3. The Weeknd

Although The Weeknd hasn’t released a solo album since 2022, he continues to rack up streams with countless features and projects for various television shows and movies he was involved in. Additionally, the singer released a deluxe version of his biggest album to date, “Starboy,” and it reached the fourth spot on the top albums of 2023 on Spotify, showing that the artist can retain his popularity.

2. Bad Bunny

His second-place spot on this list comes as a shock to the world since Bad Bunny has earned the first-place spot for three consecutive years, followed by Taylor Swift for the last two years. Bad Bunny is arguably leading the rise in Latin music in the West. The rapper/singer made history for Latin artists, by being the first person nominated for the Grammy’s Album of the Year with an album that is solely in Spanish.

1. Taylor Swift

With the biggest worldwide tour in history and being awarded TIME magazine’s Person of the Year, Taylor Swift was undoubtedly going to receive the number one spot. Swift’s stardom is certainly felt through her over 26 billion streams, but her influence is felt even outside online music platforms. Thousands of people waited outside of her sold-out shows across America, hoping they would be able to get a last-minute opportunity to see the singer perform. Her impact was global, making 2023 easily the biggest year in her career.