The biggest football game of the year is just around the corner. The Super Bowl, occurring on Feb. 11 this year, has become more than a football game. It has become a cultural phenomenon in which all people, football fans or not, gather and have a day of celebration, bets, food and traditions. This day has a sense of camaraderie between all people whether watching it for the game, commercials or halftime show. Here are some traditions and foods that, on the day, will make for the perfect Super Bowl.

A Super Bowl Party

One of the most common and biggest traditions is hosting or attending a Super Bowl party. This is an amazing way to have fun and party with friends or family. Houses become like mini tailgates or mini stadiums with this tradition. While it is a little harder to have a giant Super Bowl party in a college dorm, you can still have friends over, dress up in jerseys, sing to the halftime show or even have your own small “tailgate” with ordered-in food.

Betting on the Game

There is something thrilling about predicting the outcome of a game, whether it’s a wager with friends or a more serious betting pool. This is one of the biggest games to bet on, with the American Gaming Association stating in 2022 that Americans would wager over $7 billion on the year’s game. Bets including the scores in each quarter, winner, MVP and first team to score are all examples of ways to up the excitement and thrill of the game.

Chili Cook-Off Rivalries

The scent and aroma of hot, spicy chili is the perfect way to watch the Super Bowl. Many households have chili cook-offs, in which several guests bring chili and the other guests judge the various recipes. Many people go all out and try the most unique and creative recipes for these rivalries.

Gridiron Challenge

The gridiron challenge is the perfect way to involve everyone in the game, even those who aren’t the biggest fans. Participants of the challenge fill in their squares that then follow an action or play. The final score of the game then determines the winners based on the squares they choose throughout the game. This is a lot like fantasy football since participants draft teams and compete based on the moves of real-life players. The added excitement of friendly competition brings this to many homes during the game.

Buffalo Wings

Is it really the Super Bowl without a platter of buffalo wings? There is simply no substitute for a classic buffalo platter when it comes to snacking during the big game. Mild, medium or hot, chicken wings tossed in buttery hot sauce is a staple mouth-watering dish for the big game. You can order at your favorite wing place or, if you are brave enough, cook at home.

Three-Cheese Queso Nachos

Nachos are a beloved football dish — simple, yet scrumptious and festive. With any three cheeses of your choosing, chips, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, ground beef, guacamole and salsa, this is a dish that will leave you full and content. This quick snack is easy and cheap to make at home — no need to order unless you want to.

Loaded Fries

Nobody wants just plain old fries while watching the Super Bowl, so loaded fries are the true legend of game-day appetizers. Loaded fries are simple, versatile and classic. Crinkle fries (or any shaped fries) topped with bacon, cheese, scallions and pepperoncini or ranch is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Pigs in a Blanket/Mini Pretzel Rolls

The all-American sport calls for this all-American appetizer. With the doughy flavor of a crescent roll or puff pastry wrapped around a mini hot dog, it’s a perfect, non-messy appetizer to snack on during the game. Paired with warm mini pretzel rolls, both can be dipped in any condiment and are essential for game days.