It’s that time of year again when the air begins to turn crisp, the nights get longer and the mornings grow colder. That’s right — fall is just around the corner, and though the falling leaves might seem like an ending, this season is just the beginning for many college students. Homework, late night study sessions and exams are all part of this colorful time of year. While autumn has its own set of challenges for college students, it is no doubt the coziest season of the year. So grab a warm drink, get comfortable and consider adding some of these songs to your fall playlist.

“Autumn Leaves” by Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole is one of the most iconic American singers, and his songs are a must-have for any autumn playlist. With Cole’s smooth and distinctive voice, this classic jazz song perfectly captures the melancholic feelings that come with the transition from summer to winter. This song feels like a late October stroll through Central Park, and with “Autumn” in the name, it is a no-brainer for a cozy fall day.

“Like Real People Do” by Hozier

“Like Real People Do” is another must-add for the perfect fall playlist. The song is about having a connection with someone despite their secretive past, and loving them for who they are in the present. Hozier compares this affection to digging up a body with the lyrics, “Why were you digging? What did you bury / before those hands pulled me from the earth?” This morbidly romantic song has both cozy and spooky vibes, making it perfect for the Halloween season.

“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star

With its slow and repetitive melody, “Fade Into You” almost sounds like a lullaby. It describes bittersweet feelings and longing in a relationship. This classic indie song is also featured in season one, episode nine of the iconic show “Gilmore Girls,’’ when Rory and Dean go to the school dance. “Gilmore Girls” takes place in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, which seems to exist in a perpetual autumn — further adding to the fall feel of this song.

“Whirlwind” by Imaginary Poet

Every playlist needs at least one instrumental song, and “Whirlwind” is the perfect piano tune to reflect on the summer that has passed. This song is calming, yet full of hope and brings to mind peaceful images of autumn.

“Yes I’m Changing” by Tame Impala

Autumn is a season of transition — leaves turn various shades of red and orange as nature lets go of summer’s warmth, and just like nature, people change as well. “Yes I’m Changing” is about going through personal growth and turning into the person you have always wanted to be, which is a reassuring thought for the beginning of the semester.

“To The Mountains” by Lizzy McAlpine

“To the Mountains” is a beautiful folk song that portrays the desire to escape into the fresh air of the mountains. This song has messages of finding inner peace and strength, and listening to it is a great way to temporarily escape the demands of college. With its calming acoustics, it feels like a solitary hike through cool, autumn woods.

“Meet Me in the Woods” by Lord Huron

“Meet Me in the Woods” is part of Lord Huron’s second album, “Strange Trails.” This song is about a journey that changes a person forever, and the openness to share knowledge and experiences. With its repetitive guitar strums and expressive lyrics, this song is exceptionally profound while still having a cozy feel to it.