The Southern Tier — where the weather perfectly embodies your token moody, hormonal teenager. Sunny and 80 degrees one day, hail and snow the next, all within one week of March. While this rollercoaster of a climate may be hard to keep up with, it’s part of what makes Binghamton so special and endearingly unpredictable. As an incoming freshman, you can never be too prepared to navigate Binghamton’s charm, so here are some activities and places to consider when wringing the most out of each season.


Apple Hills farm

Fall isn’t fall without apples, and located just 20 minutes from campus is Apple Hills, a farm that has the most quintessential fall necessities — orchards, animals, a cafe and, of course, 13 varieties of apples. While the farm is open year-round, some of their fall specialties include home-grown pumpkins, a corn maze, apple cider donuts and a spooky haunted barn.

The Nature Preserve

Hidden gem views paint the landscape of Binghamton’s very own nature preserve, and the fall foliage makes for a perfect post-class afternoon hike — or, of course, for those in a time crunch, a leisurely stroll. The nature preserve is home to many backyard friends, such as deer, beavers and turtles, making the trails both a recreational activity and a learning experience all wrapped in one.


Want a chance to meet new Binghamton faces, both of current students and alumni? Homecoming weekend is the time to do just that and usually occurs the first or second weekend of October. Division I sports teams, including soccer and volleyball, have games throughout the weekend, and exhibitions and performances are offered throughout campus all homecoming long. The get-togethers and reunions make for a fun and wholesome Binghamton fall experience.


Skiing at Greek Peak Mountain Resort

What better way to take on the winter snow than to ski through it? Greek Peak Mountain Resort, Central New York state’s largest ski resort, is less than an hour drive from campus, making for an accessible day trip with friends. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned skier, the mountain offers trails ranging from green (beginner) to double black diamond (thrill-seeker), so the winter fun reaches any and every level of interest.

Binghamton Black Bears

Located in the hub of Downtown Binghamton is the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena, home to a relatively new member of the Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL), the Binghamton Black Bears. The Binghamton community is known for swarming the arena during the winter season in support of their home team. With the team entering their third FPHL season, now’s the time to join in on some hometown pride with both students and city locals alike.

Strange Brew Cafe

Cozying up with a cup of hot cocoa with a view of snowfall is an essential winter activity, and something Strange Brew Cafe does best. The local cafe is a renowned Binghamton hot spot, with winter specials like the “Mistletoe Matcha” (chai, matcha and cinnamon) and the “Snickerdoodle Latte” (cinnamon, white mocha and whipped cream). It’s a perfect place to crack down during finals or get lost in a book, all the while romanticizing the long, Binghamton winter.


Spring Fling

One of BU’s most prized events is the annual Spring Fling, an outdoor festival on campus consisting of rides, games, student performances, food trucks and more. The event is famed for hosting popular artists, like Gunna in spring of 2022 and Surfaces from this past spring. Held in late April or early May, the long-awaited Spring Fling is a great diversion from finals and the ultimate way to kick off summer.

Rumble Ponies

Spring means fun music, time outdoors and a big, fat glizzy, and what other place to get all three than a baseball game? The Binghamton Rumble Ponies are a minor league baseball team affiliated with the New York Mets, attracting many passionate New York state-based students (aka, most of us). The Ponies’ home field is Mirabito Stadium, located on Henry Street in Downtown Binghamton and conveniently just a short drive from campus. With frequent student discounts, the local baseball team is a great way to ball on a budget.

Sugar Lips Ice Cream

Last, but certainly not least, a Binghamton spring is nothing without visiting the beloved, iconic, traditional ice cream shop that is Sugar Lips. The line that wraps around the parking lot doesn’t do justice for the myriad of flavors that are offered. From soft serve to sundaes and even pup cups for your furry friends, Sugar Lips is a spring favorite and a celebrated Binghamton classic.