With the last month of autumn falling upon the students at Binghamton University, fall 2023 fashion trends can make this last month full of seasonal magic. From 90s inspired looks and sweaters to monochromatic styles, there are plenty of fashion looks that keep the fall season alive. It is not just these ready-to-wear looks that elevate the season, but also the comeback of different shoes that have heads turning.

Ahead are several seasonal moments that have created the best-dressed fall yet. From retro-inspired to modern-day-inspired, these are the top trends this fall season.

Leather Jackets

Luxury, soft leather will keep you warm and complete any outfit with a fall flourish. The resurgence of brown leather pieces has everyone in a frenzy, as they perfectly match the colors of a seasonal flavored latte. Both oversized and cropped, these jackets are a perfect vintage addition to this season’s trends. In a perfect world, one would splurge for brands like Mango and Remain Birger Christensen, but ASOS and Princess Polly have just as good designs for half the price.

Cozy Sweaters

Fall is the perfect season to become sweater-obsessed. For this season, oversized sweaters are especially popular, from oversized knits to stripes and crewnecks, they capture the essence of fall. New sweaters from Zara, Banana Republic and many more brands are on the shelves and ready to be grabbed. Pair these sweaters with a pair of jeans or leggings and you have the perfect fall fit.

Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots have always been a popular shoe for fall. This year they have resurged yet again and will probably be continued for many seasons to come, making them the perfect fall shoe to buy for every year. These black leather knee-high boots are perfect for walking, perfecting an outfit or even building confidence. Stores like Designer Shoe Warehouse and Nordstrom are great for snagging a pair of good boots that will last.

90’s ease

Something about fall makes you want to be in the 90s, wearing slightly disheveled and oversized looks. Coordinating oversized blazers and sweaters with straight-leg denim and subtle accessories makes for the perfect look of ease. Denim on denim has also made a comeback from the 90s and can look very relaxed if paired the right way. Accessories, denim, blazers and other 90s looks can be found in a multitude of brands.


The perfect button-up, either white, striped or colored, can be left open or closed to add to any outfit. Button-ups are coming in hot for this fall season creating a very casual fall look, especially a nice red that compliments the leaves on the trees and the decorations that you can find on every corner. Button-ups are also the perfect shirt for when the weather is a little too warm but still chilly. They are light and flowy and make any fit look put together.


This season, skirts have been competing with jeans and they may have won with many people overlooking a nice pair of jeans for a multitude of skirts. Skirts have been in full focus this season with pleated, midi, mini, A-line and plenty more. For fall, skirts have been able to complete a wide range of outfits that are guaranteed to impress. From Prada to Zara, skirts are everywhere. Fall 2023 is the season for the skirt.

Mary Janes

Another shoe trend that is hot this fall is Mary Janes. Mary Janes are a timeless classic and are one of the most versatile shoes. They come in every heel size while also creating a classic look with almost any outfit. From Madewell to Urban Outfitters, you can grab a pair of Mary Janes and pair them with any pair of jeans, pants, skirt or dress.

Lingerie looks

The final look on this list is lingerie looks. These lingerie looks do not mean wearing underwear as outerwear, but instead incorporating lots of lace, ruffles, bows and plenty of satin and silk. One of the most popular lingerie looks this season is thin satin or silk dresses with plenty of lace paired with a leather jacket or sweater over it. This trend is for dressier days and nights this fall, but the lingerie look can also be more casual with satin shirts and silk skirts.