Binghamton University has 10 different a cappella groups, but one of the most aca-mazing of them all might just be No Strings Attached.

Each a cappella group has its own unique theme that sets it apart from the other groups, with No Strings Attached specializing in Disney and Broadway songs. At their semester show last year, they performed songs from hit musicals like “Hadestown” and Disney films like “The Lion King.” No Strings Attached is no stranger to the a cappella world, having celebrated their 10th anniversary in the fall of 2020.

For those unfamiliar with how a cappella works at the University, each group puts on two shows for BU students per semester, in addition to performing or competing in outside events. The first performance is called Dollar Show, in which students pay one dollar to see every group perform two to three songs to get a taste of each group. Later in the semester, each group will have a semester show where they perform a full lineup of about 10 songs.

Being a part of an a cappella group requires a large time commitment, and many college students might wonder why students would get involved — and whether it is worth it. Logan Rehberg, the treasurer for No Strings Attached and a junior majoring in integrative neuroscience, spoke about his journey into the world of a cappella.

“I did a fair bit of singing and theatre work in high school, but never really planned to do much beyond high school with that,” Rehberg said. “Last semester, a friend of mine took me along to Dollar Show, and all of the groups absolutely blew me away with their talent, so I decided to go out on a limb and audition. No Strings Attached in particular really stuck out to me as a unique group, and so when I auditioned and was accepted I was ecstatic.”

Rehberg’s experience with a cappella at Binghamton has been a positive one, but he is not the only member of the group to have found a home in No Strings Attached. Jenna Zipparo, the president of No Strings Attached and a junior majoring in integrative neuroscience, also spoke highly of her time with the group.

“One of my favorite memories of being in No Strings Attached was before Dollar Show last semester,” Zipparo said. “I remember how excited we all were to perform for the big Dollar Show audience and how proud we were of all the hard work we put in leading up to this moment. I remember being so overjoyed that I get to do something I love with people that are not only so talented but who I [also] know will always be there for me.”

Similarly, Isabella Scarpati, the public relations manager for No Strings Attached and a senior majoring in psychology, found an instant sense of community.

“I love how close everyone in the group is,” Scarpati said. “It was like I walked in the room on my first day and made instant friends.”

Something that casual a cappella fans might not appreciate is just how much time and effort the dedicated members of each group put into their performances. Rehberg discussed the effort that members of No Strings Attached put into their shows and recordings.

“Performing in my first semester show last year was an incredible experience, between seeing how much work goes in behind the scenes to actually performing in front of a crowd again, it was an incredible experience,” Rehberg said. “Taking time over the summer to go down to Manhattan and record music for the group as well has to be a favorite [memory] of mine.”

Students interested in seeing No Strings Attached perform live can see their next performance at Dollar Show on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 7 p.m. in Lecture Hall 1 and 8, along with every other Binghamton a cappella group. Going forward, No Strings Attached will be having their semester show later in the year.

“Other than Dollar Show, our semester show will be Nov. 19 at 8 p.m.,” Zipparo said. “This show is just our group performing a bunch of songs along with a video skit we make throughout the semester!”

If students are interested in joining an a cappella group, auditions will be held the day after Dollar Show on Sept. 18.