The release of their sophomore album “Cuts & Bruises” in February of this year has proven that while Inhaler may be new to the industry, they are here to break boundaries and remain a favorite in playlists for months to come.

Hailing from Dublin, Irish rock band Inhaler has been handling their rapid rise in popularity with grace and enthusiasm. Made up of four members — frontman and guitarist Elijah Hewson, drummer Ryan McMahon, bassist Robert Keating and guitarist Josh Jenkinson — they have begun their careers with more success than they ever imagined.

Many bands tend to fall into the “second album curse” category, but Inhaler does not seem to be falling into that at all. With their fast-growing fan base here in the states, along with making it into the UK and Irish music charts, Inhaler has seemingly dipped its toes into it all.

“Cuts & Bruises” is nostalgic in the best way possible thanks to the lyrics and the instrumentals. The band’s sophomore album is less than an hour long with 11 flawlessly made tracks to boast. Inhaler more than delivered.

“Just To Keep You Satisfied”: Kicking things off

Starting the album strong with “Just To Keep You Satisfied,” the almost 80s synth pop-inspired song speaks of new beginnings and it shows the new musical influences that the band has been exposed to and inspired by since the release of their first album.

“Love Will Get You There”: A fast-paced song about love and hope

Initially released as a single in the fall of 2022, “Love Will Get You There” spoke about the hope one has when it comes to love and constantly waiting for something you want to happen to happen. The upbeat song is filled with thoughtful lyrics such as “I couldn’t reach it / Too busy waiting on a moment / And I tried so hard to forget / You could only be a silhouette” to inspire. Easily the best single the band could have released before introducing the world to their second album.

“So Far So Good”: Meet me halfway?

The song may start mid-tempo, but it quickly surprises listeners with the energy introduced via the instrumentals and lively lyrics almost a minute into the song. The third track of the album speaks of the power and influence a person can have on us which is best explained by the lyric, “You think I love what you do to me? / I guess I’ll tell you what it feels like.”

“These Are The Days”: Gen-Z in 3 minutes and 45 seconds

A high-powered song that has quickly become a fan favorite when performed live, “These Are The Days” captures the energy Gen-Z has about literally everything. “TATD” is the anthem for every feeling one feels at this age and how moments happen so quickly. A great comfort song to remind people that they are not alone in whatever they are feeling.

“If You’re Going To Break My Heart”: For love and hope

“IYGBMH” was a sneak peek at what fans could expect from their second album, with clips of the song released ahead of the album itself. A calm ballad with meaningful lyrics, this song quickly became one of their most popular songs on Spotify even before the release of the album.

“Perfect Storm”: Anthem for the hopeless romantic

What can be said about “Perfect Storm”? It’s perfection. The halfway point of the album, “Perfect Storm” serves as a reflection of the energy and meaning of the album and it contains meaningful lyrics like “So why are we’re trying to kill/Something that’s been so good?” that will make you pause the song, stop and think.

“Dublin in Ecstasy”: An ode to the mosh pit

Easily the most anticipated song on the album would have to be “Dublin in Ecstasy” simply because of its long history of only being played less than a handful of times to fans, yet it had created a very loyal fan base that left fans more than satisfied when it was revealed that it would be included in this album.

“When I Have Her On My Mind”: #1 in your soundtrack to your coming-of-age movie

Though nearing the end of the album, the energy remains consistent here, even if it is not as energetic as “Love Will Get You There.” Track eight of the album is just as powerful as the other tracks, and the energy of the song of perfectly executed by the drums and bass accompanying Hewson’s strong vocals.

“Valentine”: For your valentine

Love is not easy, that is a fact. Love songs are a dime a dozen, but what about a love song that doesn’t just speak about how great love is, but also how hard it can be? The song starts with the lyrics, “I got a bone to pick with you / But don’t worry, I’m not mad / There’s something great about us but / I should’ve took a step back.”

“The Things I Do”: They are just as lost and confused as we are

This song is easily the most different from the album, but it is just as great. The message of the song is perfectly reflected by the instrumentals of the song. With a violin in the background, the song is much calmer than all the other songs, but still just as meaningful as it reminds us that even they are as conned by life as we are sometimes.

“Now You Got Me”: Curtain Call

The album’s final song “Now You Got Me” perfectly wraps up the entire album. The energy of the last song tends to make or break an album since it serves as a reminder of whether or not an album remained consistent and engaging from beginning to end, and “Now You Got Me” keeps listeners on the edge of their seats from the start of the song to the end.