Sitting in the common room of our apartment, my five best friends and I assemble to watch HBO’s new series “Girls.” After seeing tons of previews while watching “Sex and the City” on demand, we decided it was a must-see.

Our favorite TV shows range from the likes of “Glee,” “New Girl,” “Homeland” and “Shameless” to “Teen Mom” and “The Real World.” Plus, we’ve been searching for a show to fill our Sunday night “Entourage” void. And we certainly found it in “Girls,” a series made for girls in their twenties that only we will ever fully understand.

Although some critics have already shown frustrations about another television show centered on girls, this one is unlike any that’s been on TV and it needs to be seen before it’s judged.

“Girls” takes place in New York City and documents the lives four 25-year old girls, each with her own unique style and personality. The first episode has the main character Hannah, suddenly without her parent’s financial backing, while her best friend Marnie deals with a boyfriend that’s “too nice.” There’s also the gorgeous and British free spirit Jessa and Jessa’s cousin Shoshanna, who makes the most hysterical yet absolutely believable “Sex and the City” reference that has ever been on TV.

This is a darker, grittier show that upholds what it is to be a young woman in today’s society. It deals with the realities of sex, money, parents, relationships, careers, texting and trying to figure out who we are, while maintaining the lifestyles we always dreamed we would have.

“Girls,” is not for everyone, and many people who won’t understand it and will judge the show for portraying girls in a little-too-honest light. But this show speaks to our generation and is very appealing to girls in college.

The creators of “Girls” really capture the way today’s women speak, leaving viewers in laughing fits. So if you’re looking for a new show, check out “Girls” Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.