Provided by 20th Century Fox

Love Actually:

Take a sip:

Every time a new character is introduced

Every time you can’t remember a character’s name

When the movie makes you feel intense loneliness

Every time Laura Linney’s ringtone is a hinderance to romance

Every time Liam Neeson’s kid says something way too adult for his age

Every time Andrew Lincoln (he’s also in The Walking Dead) is mean to Keira Knightly because he loves her


If you start crying

When someone makes a ridiculous proclamation of love

As soon as you start feeling stressed out when Alan Rickman is trying to buy jewelry

When January Jones shows up

Finish your drink:

If you believe in true love and can understand Colin Firth’s relationship despite the massive language barrier

Home Alone

Take a sip:

Every time you hear the name “Kevin”

Whenever Kevin’s mom talks about how guilty she feels about forgetting him

When the “Wet Bandits” survive something that should have killed them

When Kevin does something like a grown-up but, you know, is still a child


When the McCallister family is clearly way too big for whatever room they’re in

When Kevin breaks the fourth wall

Every time Joe Pesci mumbles and grumbles instead of swearing

Every time Kevin is ignored at the beginning of the movie

Finish your drink:



Take a Sip:

Every time Buddy does something that his size won’t allow in the elf world

When Buddy takes something way too literally

When you see a classic “Christmas in New York scene” and it makes you feel things

When something is Buddy’s “favorite”

When Buddy puts sugar in foods that don’t need it

When an adult doesn’t understand Christmas/magic/fun/etc.


When it’s so clear that Buddy isn’t an elf but he won’t accept it

When you see claymation

When it’s clear that Buddy has done something unhealthy or dangerous but there are no repercussions

“You sit on a throne of lies”

When Buddy inadvertently says something offensive

Finish your drink:

When you remember that Peter Dinklage is actually American

A Christmas Story:

Take a Sip:

Every time the Red Ryder BB Gun is mentioned

Every time someone talks about the furnace

When someone talks about Santa or Santa appears

People sing Christmas carols

Every time there is a “dog dare”


When Flick gets his tongue stuck on a pole

When you see the infamous leg lamp

If you watch the movie more than one time during a marathon

Finish your drink:

When you shoot your eye out, kid

How The Grinch Stole Christmas:

Take a Sip:

Anytime the Whos are scared of the Grinch

Every time the Grinch smiles creepily

When the Grinch feels a little bit of Christmas cheer

Whenever somebody says the word “Who”

When Max is wearing antlers

Any time Cindy Lou Who hugs the Grinch


When the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes

When the Grinch sets Whoville’s Christmas tree on fire

Finish your drink:

When your bladder is three sizes too small